Hydrating foods not to avoid in summer

The easiest way to beat the summer heat is to eat foods rich in water content. There are certain types of fruits and vegetables which have high amounts of water content. The easiest way to keep the body hydrated is to eat these hydrating foods along with taking sufficient amounts of water.

Vitamin C fruits:

All the fruits related to citrus family have high amounts of water and vitamin C in them. Oranges, lemon, watermelon, mustard melon, Indian gooseberry and Lich fruit are some of the fruits high in water content. Oranges have 87 percent water in them. So you should have them without fail for the body to keep hydrated in summer. Even blueberries and blackberries are also a good option as summer fruits. They have more than 85 percent water in them. Strawberries too go well as hydrating fruits and have nearly 92% water.

Photo Credit: www.webmd.com

Other fruits rich in water content: 

1) Apple too is good in water content and so eat it daily. It has 84 percent water in it. It is the best fruit for breakfast and keeps you hydrated and active.

2) Pear fruits are also good in water and have 84 percent water content in them. As per studies, pear fruit not only gives the body the needed amount of water but will also reduce the risk of heart strokes when taken daily. Eat one fruit daily to get these benefits.

3) Cherries are also a good option for the summer season. They have nearly 80 percent water in them. The more you eat the less you will fall prey to dehydration.

4) Grapes too are tremendously rich in water level and have 81 percent water in them. They also have Vitamin K and vitamin C. The seeds present in grapes are rich in antioxidants.

5) Even pineapple is also high in water content and has nearly 87 percent water along with having anti-inflammatory character.

6) Plums have 85 percent water and are good for obstructing diabetes and strokes.

Vegetables rich in water:

Here are few vegetables to eat in summer.

1) Cucumber is the first vegetable to be considered to eat in summer. It has a whooping amount of 96 percent water in it. So the easiest way to give the body water is to eat them.

2) All the green leafy vegetables are also rich in water and contain nearly 92 percent water in them. Eat them as much as possible.

3) Carrot has 87 percent water and is also rich in vitamin A.

4) Broccoli has 81 percent water so use it for salad dressing.

5) Tomatoes have 93 percent water and so eat them. You can as well eat in raw form.

6) Sweet red bell peppers have 92 percent water and are also rich in vitamin C.

Eat the above as summer foods and you will keep your body hydrated.

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