Human race would soon perish say noted scientists

Are humans inviting troubles and emergencies knowingly? Are these troubles going to perish humankind from root? Yes…..says the well noted zoologist scientist Daniel Brooks. The world would be at peril soon due to increased technology and greenhouse effect.

He said that people will see new viruses that will make the life of humans difficult in the days to come. These viruses will be as dangerous as Ebola, anthrax, west Nile and swine flu. As we all are well aware of how dangerous they have been to the human race so will also be the new viruses that will find their place on the earth.

The sole reason behind this according to Brooks is the environmental and climate changes. The globalization, mechanization, lifestyle and digitalization are going to have their negative effect on humans in the days to come.  If the same situation continues, new viruses will find their place on earth and will eventually lead to new types of diseases posing death to the human race. The climate changes are extremely negative for humans. These changes are so harsh that it will take no much time to extinct the human race from globe. Not only these climate changes are posing hardships to the human race but also to the whole living race on earth.

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Brooks has also warned on increased chances of viruses’ attacks on whole life of the earth, more importantly from viruses belonging to Andromeda type. He has stated this keeping in view a science-fiction movie released in 1971, which showcased on this type of virus. He also said that these new type viruses will challenge the efficacy of medical sciences and also veterinary sciences.

He has expressed all these views in an article written for a journal called as ‘’Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society Be’. He along with Eric Hoberg, a zoologist at America National Parasite collection has conducted many researches on different environmental institutions and climate changes. Eric has conducted researches on parasites in the Arctic region while Brooks has conducted researches in the tropical regions. This is during these studies that they found out that this new kind of viruses will attack the living beings. They have also confirmed that parasites will easily shift from one host to another new host with the increased climate changes. This will pose more problems to the new host as its immunity system is still immature to fight the parasite thereby leading to new types of diseases in living creatures.

So now it is high time for all the human races present on earth to note this and act accordingly.

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