Hula hoop: The dancing way to get health and exercise

Exercise is healthy for us. But it is always boring, dull and also routine so why don’t we search for the ways to make it easy, inspiring, never boring, enjoyable and also fun to do. Well, if you are also searching for such ways like us then ‘’HULA HOOP’’ is the best exercise. It can be done by all irrespective of age, beginning with young to aged. This is gaining popularity day by day as a good exercise. Here we shall see the benefits of the hula hoop and also how to do it.

What is hula hoop?

It is nothing but rotating hoop (circular band) around the waist by rotating the body. The thumb rule is, the hoop should not fall down while rotating and it should spin in rhythmic motion around the waist. The advantage of this is the whole body is put into motion and so each and every nerve present in the body gets the benefit of the movement. Doing hula hoop is nothing but doing aerobics. Only one difficulty is that the body should be moved in such a way that the ring rotates balanced around the waist.

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Tips to buy hula hoops:

Though these are easily available in all the sports shops every care should be taken while purchasing to get the perfect one. Here are those tips.

•    To get perfect hula hoop for your height. Stand erect and place the hula hoop on your navel. When you place as so, the ring should touch the middle of your chest. When a hoop can fit this criterion then it is perfect for your height.

•    These hoops come in different sizes both for kids and grownups. Using the same hoop for all does not work out well as the height differs for kids and matured. Height is the main criterion for choosing hoops.

Benefits of hula hoop:

•    This is the easiest way to increase fitness and stamina.

•    Muscles get toned and stronger with each passing day.

•    The release of endorphins in the body is boosted and as a result you stay happy and active all the day.

•    The easiest way to burn 200 calories in 20 to 30 minutes is to hula hoop. If you are a beginner then chances of burning more than 200 calories are more as the body is more under pressure in the starting days. This is also the best way to get the heart exercises in most easy and stylish way.

How to do hula hoop?

•    To move the hoop don’t move the butts instead move your waist. Moving the butt will increase the chances of hoop losing its grip and falling on the ground.

•    Move the waist either front and back or towards the sideways.

•    Slowly try to know your body rhythm and you can enjoy the fun of doing it.


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