Hug more for healthy life

Hug or cuddle has many things to offer you. You might be surprised to know that mere hugging can give many health and emotional benefits. The scientific theories behind the health benefits of cuddle are on the rise and they are advocating cuddle to be the best medicine without any side effects. This is the reason why there is increased search for cuddle over internet, cuddle parties, and professional cuddlers to get hugs. Here we go with benefits of cuddling.

1) It boosts the immune system:

We all of us know increased stress is the culprit behind many diseases which also includes cold and flu. However social support, inclusive regular hugs, saves strained people from falling sick. And even if they become sick, their symptoms and signs are lesser severe, as per the journal Psychological Science report.

In case you are unable to hug with your significant one or your friend, you can prefer hitting a spa: A single massage session that runs for 45 minutes will not only relieve those tangled muscles in the back but will even boost up the immune system, as per the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine’s latest study.

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2) It assists in facing the fears:

The effects of hugs for mental peace are far beyond of what you think. Feeling afraid or vulnerable? Catch hold of someone’s hand. As per an experiment, women had experienced lesser anxiety and fear when they held someone’s hand. The results were even positive when women held the hands of their husbands.

3) It enhances the sex life:

As we all very well know sex is itself a health booster in many ways and when sex is mixed with healthy hugs then things shape even better. As per a study, couples who spent more time by cuddling and kissing after sex had merrier and good life than those who spent less time kissing and cuddling. Another study also confirmed that couples who had frequent hugs had healthy and blissful life and relation.

4) Cuddle can save the relationship:

Many studies have found out that regular cuddling is vital for healthy long term relationships. When there were frequent hugs there was increased satisfaction and togetherness between the couple.

5) It reduces the blood pressure:

Regular hugs between partners and spouses are linked with high oxytocin levels, decreased blood pressure, and also lessened heart rate, as per a research. Sounds interesting…..have hugs and have health.

6) It lowers cortisol levels:

When young girls were asked to give speeches without prior planning or preparation, their cortisol levels shot rocket high. Same was the case when they were asked to solve some math problems. But when the same girls were given a chance to talk to their moms, receive hugs from moms, watch an emotionally unbiased video, they had lessened cortisol levels. So going by this you can understand that hugging actually healed mental tension.

It helps in releasing emotions:

Leave off all the health benefits aside, hugging or cuddling could let people release their emotional anxiety and thoughts. Hugging is one way to kick of mental imbalances and a hug is 100 hundred times more effective in conveying emotions than any form of communication means.

Hope you now know why you need hugs for health.

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