HR employees don’t like hearing these

Human resource (HR) personnel are the first ones you negotiate and also the last ones that you negotiate when you are in search of new job. It is this people that first inform you on job vacancy and it is this people that confirm your post by offering you an offer letter. They say these are the people in any organization who are pro-employee. When they hold such importance to us it is mandate for us to know what not to say to HR and what to say to HR. Here is what you should not say in HR round.

 You are in some legal offence:

No matter whether you are under in-offensive side or offensive side this one act of telling about your legal charges is good enough to show you the doors. No HR will be comfortable to hear that the employee he or she is going to hire is in legal trouble. So the best way to do is to hide the fact irrespective of the fact that you are under legal trail.

You are expecting:

Of course being mom is a blessing but at what cost? If you are on the edge of bringing new person to this world in no time just skip the fact and let the time take charge. As no one will be such good enough to bear all your labor charges and pay you for maternal leave right from the first months of your office days.

You are suffering from longstanding medical problems:

This too should not be said in HR round and as chances are high to miss out on hiring chances. No company wishes to hire an employee who is always sick and needs sick leaves more often, and one more disadvantage is that the company has to pay out your medical bills, which is always not desired by any company.

You have second thoughts:

The mere creation of doubt in the minds of HR is good enough to lock the doors for you which are otherwise open for you. Never give any hint that you have other options that are awaiting your acceptance. This only indicates that you are simultaneously trying your luck somewhere else too.

You had legal war with your ex-company:

This is just one simple trick to apply if you don’t want the job. Saying that you sued your past company for some reason, say for harassment, PF account settlement, ADA accommodation or your employee rights. All these will put your chances at risk. When you say this you are directly connoting to HR that you are a trouble creating person.

Asking for other location:

Many of us have this habit of expressing whims and fancies regarding the desired place of work. It is ok when you are given an option but it doesn’t go well with HR when there is strict guideline on place of work. So keep away from this.

These in general are the things that you should not say with HR people.

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