How your eating habits affect wrinkles

Wrinkles are common and they increase with age. Skin loses its quality of stretching and elastic tendency with increasing age. Despite knowing this fact, we worry when someone says we have wrinkles. This is the human tendency as wrinkles bring down the value of face and beauty. Apart from age there are many causes of wrinkles and also the intensity of them depends on factors such as your lifestyle, your mental condition and also the food habits mainly.

Appearance of wrinkles is particularly more near the eye and lip region and surprisingly these two areas define how beautiful you are. What to do to save the situation? Here are few food tips and other natural tips to follow to do away with wrinkles naturally. Following these tips will also lessen the dryness that arises with age.  Dryness ultimately makes the appearance of wrinkles more clear and visible. Here are those tips to save you from all these worries.

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•    Taking food filled with fresh vegetables and fruits can save the situation to some extent.

•    Prefer taking more of foods rich in vitamin C, this not only enhances immunity but will also give glow and radiance to the skin naturally. Vitamin C will also keep the dryness of the skin away and this in turn leads to lesser wrinkles. The body needs nearly 500 milligrams of vitamin C to keep the health of the skin. To get this amount prefer fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C such as guava, papaya, oranges, capsicum, broccoli and cabbage.

•    Eat at least one kind of fruit daily, no matter whatever it has. Fruits are always healthy and good for skin.

•    Drinking daily one glass of vegetable juice will keep the wrinkles away. Prefer vegetables such as carrots, beetroot and cucumber to make juice.

•    Drinking fruit juice daily is also a best way to treat wrinkles. Prefer fruits from the citrus family such as lemon and orange. These fruits have vitamin A along with vitamin C, and these two will work as antioxidants and glorify the skin.

•    Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water without fail daily.

•    Take vitamin B and zinc supplements daily. This will enhance the texture and glow the skin.

•    Eat curd and also 8 to 9 almonds daily.

Along with these diet tips to reduce wrinkles you can as well make some face packs to treat wrinkles.

Natural face packs for treating wrinkles:

All the above are the foods you should eat to beat wrinkles. Apart from this cleanse the face using face packs made with tomatoes, papaya and potatoes every now and then. You need not add anything; just use one of them directly on the face. Even grapes are good. Allow eh grape paste to stay for 25 minutes and rinse off with water.

Also prefer to use only water to clean the skin instead of using soaps and all chemical filled cosmetics. Never forget to carry on exercises daily.

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