How well do you know your daily foods…..?

Eating is a daily routine and without which living is impossible. But have you ever thought on how healthy the food you take is then have a look and answer it to self. Here we go with some important food facts…

Probiotic bacteria:

Not all the bacteria are harmful. While some are bad…some are good for health. When the food we take has the bacterium that does good to health then such kind of foods are called as probiotic foods and many boast of knowing nutritional facts about probiotic foods. If so did you ever know that many of the dairy products are induced with probiotic bacteria apart from the fact that these by nature consist of probiotics. All the dairy products such as ice creams, milk, cheese and yogurt have probiotics in them. Many of the probiotic foods as said above are induced with probiotics from different sources. Say for instance, Vaalia, a Finland based company sells probiotic yogurt under different brand names. The probiotic present in this product is called as Lactobacillus rhamnosus. This has been taken from a human digestive system. Sounds peculiar!

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Many go wild by hearing the word cheese as it is tasty. Many think that nutritional value of different foods is nothing before cheese. Unfortunately all kinds of processed cheese have only 10 percent of its natural components as many companies process too much. Most of the material that is present in them is just potato powder, vegetable oil, maize syrup, water, milk proteins, and other preservatives. Fortunately they add good taste to cheese and unfortunately they deprive its natural health ingredients.

All olives are of same kind:

We come across two types of olives in markets, black olives and green olives. Actually when considered thoroughly and according to experts there is literally no much difference in them. The only difference is the extent of their ripeness. Fully ripe olives are called as black olives while unripe ones are known as green olives. Literally the green olives are soaked in soda, which eventually turn into black color. This alone is the difference.

Less amount of milk content in ice creams:

Are you under the impression that by eating ice creams you are inducing the body with milk? Stay a while and think again, actually many of the ice creams have little amount of milk in them. A normal ice cream has 10 percent of milk fat while a low fat ice cream has as low as 2.5 percent milk fat in it. The other amazing fact of surprise is many of the ice cream companies add palm oil and coconut oil in place of milk fat as it is costly. So think now and in case you are in England then the chances are that the ice cream you have in your mouth might not even have single percent milk fat as the law over there allows the ice creams to be sold without milk.

These are few surprising food facts regarding the daily food items which we eat regularly.

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