How well do you know about nail polish?

Nail polish has its own say as far as beauty and making of nails are concerned. We always have time to polish and re-polish the nails every time the nails are worn out of polish since nail polish gives dazzling looks to nails. But have at least once taken time out to know the facts about nail polish? The answer is definitely NO. But now there is no escape from knowing the facts as we have enlisted all the facts about nail polish……

1) Ancient Egyptians deared their manis:

People of Egypt who ranked from the highest social order sported nail polish and as per the sayings people who belonged to the elitist of the elitist were only permitted to paint dark colors as these colors signified their ranks.

2) Ancient people were more creative in making their own nail polishes:

Vegetable dyes, Egg whites and Beeswax were only a few of the ingredients to name which were used by the populace during the ancient days of Ming Dynasty to make nail paints on their own.

3) The well known french manicure in fact has it’s roots in France:

The thought behind French manicure is to give the privilege of having elegant nails and hands for French royal members, thereby making them stand apart from normal and low class people.

4) Nail polish originally is car paint:

The first nail polish has been produced in 1920s by Revlon. Polish is in fact finely developed car paint; this is the reason why it’s harder to make all natural nail paint that can act as a real thing.

5) Nail paint remover has no expiry:

Nail polish removers have no expiry date which means-it will last till it is finished. So buy once and leave it as such for any amount of time if you don’t wish to use it.

6) Nail polish is worth an year alone:

No matter what ever the brand of your nail polish is and how ever costly it is? It cannot be useful after a year. Any unsealed nail polish bottle will stay for just 12 months, following which it will lose its efficacy. So better prefer lesser nail polish bottles and if possible prefer cheaper brands to save your money.

7) Nail polishes were scandalous:

Around 1950s polishing the nails with red nail polish was considered to be a sinful act and promiscuous. Few of the churches passed ordinances asking women to remove nail polish before going to mass on Sundays. This stigma probably began from the era of Victoria, during this era women who had nail polish were prostitutes and the rest of the women were barred from painting nails.

8) Continuous nail polish is bad:

As per experts even nails are living tissues and continuous sporting of polish can lead to dryness of the nails thereby weakening the nails.

These are the facts related to nail polish and one more last but not the least fact is the world’s costliest polish was made by Azature and its cost was $250,000.

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