How well are things in the living room arranged…..?

Living room is the most used room by family members in any home and so it should look good and attractive by all means. In fact giving a class touch to living room is a hectic task. No matter how much hard you try there is still some room left behind to makeup the living room. Despite all the efforts if the living room does not look attractive then you might have messed up with the living room stuff. Certain things that don’t fit in it, here is the list of things that should not be placed in the living room.

1) The one thing that can do away with all the show of the living room is a wrong sofa. The sofa you place in the living room should be matching to the colors of the walls and the layout of the living room. If the living room area is small choosing a big length sofa can give odd looks, vice versa a small sofa in a big room too can be odd. Give more preference to chose light colored sofas in place of dark colored ones.

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2) The arrangement, placement and also the design of furniture in the living room has direct effect on the look of the living room. Choose perfect furniture that sinks with living room. Furniture placement should not be an obstacle to the movement.

3) The decorative items you use in the showcases and tables should also be matching.

4) The decoration and makeup of the living room should not dominate the living room. Using oversized carpets and furniture will definitely be a nightmare to room’s appearance.

5) The carpet you spread in the living room should not exceed more than 60 percent of the floor.

6) If you have long sofas then give a special look by placing pillows and cover sheets on them.

7) Also take every care that the paints you hang on the walls are not more in size than the sofa. Hanging wall paints on the wall behind sofa will give good looks.

8) The television set should neither be too big nor too small for the room.

9) One must and should to be followed rule in case of making living rooms is to choose furniture first and the wall paint next. The logic behind this is simple; we can easily get a matching wall color for furniture while it is not so easy task to get matching furniture for wall colors chosen.

10) See to that the living room is not overstuffed with furniture and decorative pieces.

11) Also the furniture you chose should be easy to clean and shift.

12) Replace the old decorative items with new ones at least once in a year; this will give new glow to the living room.

13) The furniture should not be attached to the walls; they should be so arranged that there is gap for you to move in between.

14) The showcase material should be in relation with wall paintings; this will give identical look to the room.

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