How true are these health rules…..?

Right from our childhood we have been hearing some health tips and health rules for long life such as don’t sleep as soon as you have finished eating, drink 8 glasses of water every day; take less sugar and so on. We have not only stopped with just hearing these we have even practiced them with a feeling that we are doing good to our health by following these health rules. But have you ever questioned the scientific backup for these rules. The answer is ‘no.’ some of the rules are true while many are just myths as they don’t have scientific support. Here are few common health myths and rules that are not true.

Myth: Fiber food wards off constipation. 45 % percent of people don’t believe this myth.

Fact: Actually this is to most extent true. Healthy amount of fiber will increase digestion and lessen constipation levels. Food rich in fiber will definitely be an advantage to people suffering from constipation. But one mistake people do to get fiber is eating whole cereals and pulses. Here whole cereals mean taking them without removing the outer flake on them and this means taking insoluble fiber. By eating these actually, you are increasing constipation. So in place of them eat vegetables and fruits rich in fiber.

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Myth: Eating before sleeping leads to fat accumulation. 66 % of people believe this myth.

Fact: Fat gets accumulated in the body only when the foods that you eat on nights have rich amounts of cholesterol and carbohydrates. To be clearer, the fat accumulation does not solely depend on the food you take at supper. It depends on the total day’s consumption and the amount of physical effort you have put in that day. If you have taken more amount of calories per day and spent lesser of them then you will accumulate fat.

Myth: 8 glasses of water is good. 51 % of people believe this myth.

Fact: We cannot just blindly suggest 8 glasses of water for all.  The need of water for the body differs from person to person and also body to body. Many factors such as BMI, gender, age and also health condition decide the amount of water to be taken. Leaving off all these factors even the amount of water content the body receives through the food taken also has a commendable say. So suggesting 8 glasses of water for all by ignoring all these facts is just not advisable.

Myth: Sunrays are good for skin. 68 % people believe this myth.

Fact: Suntan is direct indication that the skin has got damaged due to sun rays. So by any means suntan is not good for skin. Sun rays are good as far as the skin does not set on suntan. So stop believing this fact and don’t expose the skin too much for sun rays. It might cause skin cancers too.

Going by all these you would have now known what actually are health myths and facts, so now it’s your turn to believe or not the above health myths exposed.

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