How to write an effective article?

Writing is an art and to write on an engaging topic that attracts huge readers is not an easy art. But with certain things you can really make readers stay and read it until the end. Here we shall see how to write an article on any given topic that will go viral.


The first thing you should do before you hit your keyboard is to ask yourself who and why. You should be clear on who you are writing is it for children, teenagers, elderly or some other section of readers. Once you are done with it, you should dig in to know how your writing is different from others and what you have to say to the readers about any topic and how different is your article from others (this is crucial). When you can really master this art you need not sell your content, your content will sell and reach the public all on its own.

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Filling the content:

Now you have decided on why and who. The next thing as said above is how to write. The world is too small and the communication and knowledge sharing is easy. On any given topic there will some 1000s of articles. So now what will you do? Will you stop writing? No, go ahead but be different and to be different you should write something new on the same age old topic. Say you write on arthritis if you write the same grab your reader will fly away from the topic with jet-speed. Come out with novelty. Write on latest developments or write on your personal experiences and while writing be careful not to overdo your personal experiences. Strike a balance with reality and experience and then you will strike a chord with your reader. Speak directly to them with your words.

Headlines & Subheadings:

Both the headlines and subheadings should be short, catchy and right on the target of the content, this is key article writing tip. In a single look, the writer should know what it is and how it is useful to him/her. Use numbers in them if needed but not mandate. If the headers and subheads are striking the balance with the theme of the article then the reader will connect with you. But to write them you need to research and rewrite ‘’N’’ number of times if needed.


One correct image can do the trick to you. Write a spellbound content and post it without any image, see the result. Now write another masterpiece, add an image and see the outcome. Definitely, the article with an image will have a better result than the one without. So add images but see to that these images depict the topic so that image acts as an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

What’s your expertise?

Ask yourself before writing any article. What is your expertise and how are you going to justify your credibility to write on a topic and what is your qualification to write. Once you get strong YES for these two questions then you start writing. Before you write on any topic you should have knowledge first then alone you can share it with readers. Research, research and research till you get ample info and then start to write.

Now hope you got tricks and tips to write an effective article.

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