How to use your hair to your advantage

A rich body of lustrous mane is something that every woman craves for. Rightly styled, your hair can completely transform the way you look and create wonders for you. On the other hand, an unmanageable mass of stubborn, frizzy hair can be a nightmare every day. From despicable to delightful, we reveal how you can maintain and style, your hair to highlight your positive features and camouflage your negative ones- and transform the way you look overnight!

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Take care of your hair

This is the first and most important step to having good hair. Your hair deserves TLC just like your skin and face do. So why let it down? Pamper your hair with a hot oil massage or hair masks once a week (or more, depending upon the type, quality and extent of damage of your hair). Unless you have very thin and oily hair, you don’t need to shampoo every day. Once in two or three days should be good enough- if your hair starts looking limp, you can use some dry shampoo to lift your locks up. Invest in a good hair brush- a boar bristle brush is the best to comb out oils, and leave your hair looking shinier and less frizzy. Avoid split ends and correct them as soon as they appear. Avoid exposing your hair to too much heat by excessive use of blow dryers or hot irons.

Keep your face shape in mind while choosing haircuts

While your friend may look great in a haircut with bangs, you may not! It is important to base your haircut makeover on your face shape. A haircut for round face may be a disaster if applied to a long face- so choose a cut appropriate to your face shape.

Be mindful of your hair texture while deciding on the length and cut of your hair

It is important to consider your hair texture before deciding how you want to wear your hair. For instance, hair cut for curly hair or excessively frizzy thick hair should not ideally be short, because it tends to give a very nest-like appearance that’s crude and unfinished. Rather wear your hair long to weigh down the curls and frizz for a more neat and well-groomed appearance. Consider hairstyles and cuts that start at the chin or below and go longer down. Similarly, an ideal haircut for thin hair should be designed to create volume- hence layers and short cuts are more suitable than long and blunt cuts.

Think about maintenance when you choose your haircut/ hairstyle

If you don’t have the time to maintain your hair, then don’t go for elaborate hairstyles that need you to spend hours each day straightening your curls or setting your layers. Remember that short hairstyles need to be trimmed more often to maintain a neat look, while longer haircuts could last up to eight weeks without trimming. Choose a cut you know you will be able to maintain.

Highlight the right features. Play down the flaws

If you have a long neck, try a classic updo or wear your hair short to show off your neck. If you don’t like the look of your neck, hide it with layers. If you have gorgeous eyes, then focus the spotlight there with brow skimming bangs. If you want to draw attention away from your nose, create hairstyles that take the focus off the center of your face- for example, avoid a center part and create volume at the side with a side-part. If, say, you have a huge forehead, cover it up with playful bangs. Big ears? Avoid short cuts or ponytails and buns that expose them too much!

Balance your skin tone with your hair

Consult your hairstylist on the right shades that balance your skin tone and improve your overall appearance.

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