How to reduce dry skin in winter

It’s chill time, the weather is too cold and shivering has become common. Winter along with making the climate dull has also made the skin dry then how to prevent dry skin without much effort. Here are simple tips to treat dry skin…

1) Always carry the hand cream:

Skin becomes dry in winter season as the skin loses its natural moisturizing effect. To bring back the lost moisturizers and oils use moisturizing cream as many times as possible. Keep the hand cream tubes always with you and apply them every now and then. But be sure you make use of a brand cream so that you are saved from unwanted skin rashes.

2) Don’t overdo face washing:

Wash the face only once or twice in a day. Washing face too often is an exemption during sunny and humid weather as it removes extra oil and dirt from the skin but the same can cause the much needed oil to fade away in winters. Too much washing will make the skin dry. Also keep minimum the usage of soap, instead use a moisturizing creams to wash the face, this will keep the facial skin smooth.

3) Make use of moisturizing wash to clean the body:

Using a moisturizing body wash will always ward off dry skin without much strain. Using this will even save you from applying the body lotion.

4) Don’t prefer too much hot showers:

Too hot water might intensify the dry skin so avoid hot water showers. Take lukewarm shower this will help you in two ways: it will make the body warm and also keep the skin away from dryness.

5) Moisturize two times in a day:

Irrespective of the season it is better to moisturize two times. Use moisturizer that has SPF or a sunscreen lotion every morning to keep the skin soft. If you are not having the habit of using moisturizer during nights it’s time now to start making it part of your daily makeup routine.

6) Stop using retinol to tone:

Retinol can lead to irritation and dryness, more importantly in cold weather. If you have the habit of applying it, see to that you don’t use it daily. Instead use it every alternative day.

7) Take care of each part of the body: 

Normally all of us have the habit of moisturizing only the face and hands soon after bath. This should be avoided, apply moisturizer for each and every part of the body when the body is still wet. This will keep the body moisten for long hours.

8) Cuticles too are important:

Whilst a hand cream may assist dry cuticles it is best to include a cuticle specific item to the mix. Use cuticle pens to moisten.

9) Keep warm:

The simplest thing to keep the dryness of the skin away is to keep yourselves warm always. Don’t expose to cold and always keep the warmers on. Wear sweaters.

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