How to protect skin in summer

When compared to other seasons taking care of skin becomes more difficult and tedious task in summer. As the sun is at its peak so the skin problems are at their peak. Keeping this in mind, we need to follow strict skin care tips in summer. Here are your summer skin care tips to protect the skin from damaging effects of the sun.

Give the skin the needed care:

This is the season where the skin needs moisturizing, cleaning and toning twice in a day without fail on a regular basis. You need to follow this because the climate is favorable for pimples to increase in number. While you choose a cleanser see that it has salicylic acid in it and your moisturizer should be water based to keep the skin hydrated.

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The best tip to protect skin from sun is to use sunscreen lotion. Without using sunscreen, then there is nothing like skin care in summer. You should screen the skin from sun by applying it before you hit the roads. Apply it before half an hour you expose the skin to sun. Reapply every 3 hours. You need to apply even when you are in the home too.


If you wish to give your skin live looks then you definitely need exfoliation without fail. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from the skin and minimizes the chances of dull looks of the skin. When the dead skin cells are removed then the newly generated cells pop up and give the skin fresh looks.

You should even exfoliate your elbows and knees twice a week. Use lemon for this purpose.

Good food:

Food has a major role to play in your skin care tips for summer. It is more important than the cosmetics and beauty care regime. Eat food that gets easily digested and also the food should be rich in water content. Eat more of cucumber, berries and watermelon to keep the skin away from dehydration. The more the skin gets dehydrated the more the skin looks pale and dull.

Foot care:

Many of us don’t care the feet. Every one of us has a feeling that they don’t have much prominence as far as health and beauty are concerned. This tendency should be foregone they are as important as the face itself. The shoe you wear should be such that the feet get air to stop perspiration. The socks also should be of the cotton type so that it absorbs the sweat. Remove shoes at some point in time so that the feet get relaxation. You should even apply sunscreen to them.

Even the hair care at summer is different to what you take in other seasons. The hair gets greasy and also smells more due to increased seating in summer. So wash the hair regularly. Avoid chemical filled hair products for good hair. Conditioner is a must in this season.

Follow these and you can be dazzling and radiating in the summer season.

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