How to Prevent Bird Flu When Traveling?

Generally, international travels has its own challenges with respect to health issues and many people get diarrhea some years ago. But, the greatest threat these days is bird flu.

If you are an individual, who frequently travel foreign nations just for your business purpose or for personal purpose, you might be well-aware of the risk posed to your health and it is nothing, but bird flu. The virus spreading this fever is now found from Indonesia and Scotland and six other nations in the continent of Asia. So, if you travel frequently to the Eastern Hemisphere, there are great chances that you will get attacked. Even, it can reach North America via migrating birds or via bird smugglers and can slowly pass on to the other areas of this nation as well. Even though, it is known that this flu has not attacked Antarctica, it is better not to have close contact with penguins if you select this continent for your vacation. But, you can prevent yourself from this disease by following some precautions even if you visit these nations and here are some tips on how to prevent bird flu:

  • Even though, most of the experts say that you should keep yourself away from chickens and other poultry, it is also better to avoid pigs as they too can carry this virus.
  • It is better to keep yourself away from markets selling pigs, geese, ducks and chickens alive. Also, avoid markets selling them in meat form and even do not purchase them from supermarkets.
  • Do not visit farm houses, where these living beings grow.

In some nations, chickens freely move around on the roads and houses and you can avoid these places too. It is true that there are some charms and liveliness associated with these areas, but avoid them for ensuring your health. In some areas cock fights are conducted and it is better to avoid participating in them as there are chances of the blood of the fighting chickens to flash around thereby spreading the virus if the bird has already been affected.

In addition to these precautionary measures, you can also get appropriate vaccinations for developing the fighting skills of your body. Try to keep your immune system at optimal levels by taking healthy foods that can be helpful in this respect. If you become sick with cold and flu, it is better to get immediate medical advice as your body will be prone to virus attacks at this time.

So, you can protect yourself from bird flu by taking appropriate vaccinations as per the recommendation of your health care provider and can lead a comfortable travel to any nation of your interest.

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