How to make your wife feel special and bonded

Relationship between wife and husband are becoming too fragile these days due to many reasons. Unfortunately this is one relation that needs good cementing. If you are also the one who is facing this problem and want to fortify the relation with your wife then here are the tips on how to keep your wife happy again.

1) You should be her biggest fan:

Nothing in this world is more comforting than having someone always at your side to back you up. Trying to be your wife’s leading fan and forever giving her ever needed support and encouragement will just make her special and bond the ties closer. Being her fan doesn’t mean you linger and loiter with her for every second. It only means expressing her how much you love her and adore her in simple yet convenient way. Never miss out a chance to appreciate even her small achievements. In fact as a husband there is no better achievement than being your wife’s lovable person.

2) Encourage her hobbies:

Are you worried on how to make your wife feel special? Then one simple way is to keep on encouraging her hobbies no matter how much small they are. If your wife doesn’t have a hobby, encourage her to have one and help her with your helping hands and praising lips. Be the one behind her to encourage her hobbies, give valid and sensible suggestions to her. This will make her feel that you are taking her with you and noticing all her activities.

3) Pamper her:

There is nothing more wonderful in this world than to be pampered by the one you love the most-this is true for both: Wife and Husband. So shower your love and pamper her like a small kid. Appreciate her; there is nothing wrong in appreciating a person who has walked all the way to be your companion for life leaving behind all her nears and dears. Your appreciation and pamper should not be confined to words alone, they should extend to actions, give her shower , make breakfast for her and help her in her sick days.

4) Earmark one day fully to her:

Make out one day especially for her, all the works you do should be directed to comfort her. Do all the works that comfort her and the works she loves. Know her fancies and wishes and make every effort to fulfill them on that special day.

5) Make every effort to impress her:

It is quite common for us to lose interest to impress her with each passing day. This should be given up. Re-implement all the activities you have done in the starting days to impress her. Dress according to her wish, walk in her guidelines and bring a confidence in her that nothing has changed from the past to present. This will give her a feeling that you are still the same man, who you were in the past.

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