How to make your bathroom beautiful and comfy

These days bathroom is not only used to clean but is also used to get refreshed and as such it can be rightly called rest room. When it has this much of vitality every care should be taken to make it comfortable and beautiful. Let us see the bathroom ideas to make them comfortable and beautiful.

Different kinds of bathrooms:

Based on facilities and area the bathrooms can be classified into the following.

Powder room: It is also called as guest bathroom or half bathroom and is made to meet the needs of guests. It mostly has a sink and toilet and ample space for bathing might or might not be.

Shower room: It is also called as three-quarter bathroom. It has everything to have good shower. It has shower, tub and toilet.

Ensuite bathroom: This kind of bathroom is attached to bedroom and as such is available only for those who stay in bedroom. This can be called as purely personal bathroom and mostly guests are not allowed.

Family bathroom: This is the biggest bathroom in any house and is constructed to meet the needs of everyone in the house. It is not linked to other rooms in the house and is independent.

Jack and Jill bathroom: This is connected to two rooms in a house. It has two doors so that people staying in either of the rooms can use it.

Wet room: This is a kind of waterproof room and heating facilities are made below the flooring to absorb the water, so that the water gets absorbed as soon as it falls on the floor.

Having seen different kinds of bathrooms, now let us see different bathroom design ideas and bathroom makeover ideas.

  1. The roof, tiles and walls are always exposed to water and dirt, so they should be designed such that they are water resistant and also easy to clean.
  2. Make use of ceramic, glass and plastic for bathroom interiors, this will look beautiful and also is convenient.
  3. The bathroom tiles on the floor should be rough in nature so that the chances of skidding are lessened.
  4. All the electrical appliances such as light holders, heater plugs and plug sockets should be fixed as part of the walls during construction itself. Doing so will avoid electric accidents.
  5. Every care should be taken for proper lighting in the bathroom and the lights should be fixed in such positions that the lighting spreads equally in all directions.
  6. Small lights should also be installed above the mirrors so that you get proper light while using mirrors.
  7. The bathroom cabinets should be spacious and have multiple drawers to keep all the toilet material.
  8. Keep separate drawers for each item such as toilet material, bathroom cleaning material and so on.
  9. Be sure that the bathroom has hanging rods to place your dressing material and a separate shelf to keep used clothes.

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