How to make use of beer for petty house chores

We knew beer as a beverage used only to party but its use doesn’t end there. You will be surprised to know how many hidden uses it has….. Here…they are….read and know the uses of beer and get drowsy afterwards…
Gives Better Doze:

Hops present in them will act as natural replacement to sleeping pills. In case you have trouble falling asleep, wash the pillow cases using water along with some spoonfuls of hops. The hoppy aroma will assist you in falling asleep in no time.

Cast Iron and Clean Copper:

Beer is good enough to cleanse everything starting from scruffy coins to rusted pots. Soak the copper article in beer and leave it untouched for five to ten minutes, following this clean the article with a velvety cloth to see stain free substance left behind.

Relax The Tired Feet:

Are your feet tired? Then soak the feet. The enzymes present in the beer can alleviate calluses on the tootsies. Take a container and fill it with required amount of lukewarm water needed to soak the ankles. Then drop ½ of the amount of beer from the bottle and mix well. Place the feet and feel the effect of beer as it reduce pain.

Polish the Furniture:

Beer can as well be a polishing agent for furniture. Dab small amount of beer on soft cloth. Using this beer soaked cloth rub the furniture you wish to see dazzling. This method works better on wooden furniture.

Season Food:

All of us know only one well known beer recipe: beer-battered chicken; you need not stop here alone; this marvelous beverage can be put into use in lot many ways in culinary. It can be substituted in place of water for many of the dishes. The next time you begin to cook rice pour beer in same quantity as you pour water to find whole new tasty rice. It even sprinkles magical taste when used in sea foods.

Break The Rust:

Are facing trouble in removing a screw due to piled up rust? The carbonation present in the beer could come to your rescue by breaking down the rust. Drop few beer drops over the rusted screw, leave it for about 15 seconds and find it easily moving.

Remove Stains:

Is your carpet having stain? Then again beer is your lucky card; it is one easy and quick stain remover. Drop small amount of beer on the stain; allow it to soak for few minutes, finally using a clean cloth blot the stain. Once the stain is removed wash it with detergent to remove beer from it.

Mesmerize Your Hair:

Uses of beer for hair are many. Are you sick of dry and dull hair then beer is your best hair conditioner. Add beer to the shampoo you use. Boil the beer on mild steam until it reduces to 25% of the original quantity and mix it along with shampoo you use.

It is even a good pest controller all you need to do is pour it small container and place it where the pests move frequently.

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