How to keep your kitchen clean forever

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. A clean, hygienic kitchen is important to a healthy, disease-free lifestyle. However, kitchen nightmares are not uncommon. In fact, your kitchen is one of those places that are most vulnerable to getting dirty, disorganized and infested with pests- if not taken care of properly.  Here are some tips on how to keep your kitchen clean.

Tips for keeping your kitchen clean

Start with an empty sink/ empty dishwater

A basic and extremely useful tip- makes sure your sink and dishwater are always clean and tidy before you start cooking. That way your mind is more clutter-free, and you can easily rinse and transfer all your used stuff right away, without having them sit in the sink for a long time. It also reduces the stress of having to do it all at once.

Clean as you cook

You also need top master how to keep your kitchen cleaning while you cook. Once you begin with an empty sink and dishwasher, this should be extremely easy.

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Get into the do-it-now habit

Keep procrastination at bay. Pick up whatever stuff falls down on the ground while cutting or peeling vegetables and transfer them straight to the garbage can, instead of waiting to finish cooking and then clean. By that time, your kids may have made a dozen trips to kitchen, spreading the dirt all over.

Keep a garbage bowl handy while cutting vegetables

If you find you’re losing time walking over to the trash can with handfuls of vegetable peelings and wastes, keep a garbage bowl handy on your worktop. Immediately consolidate all your waste in it, as you are cutting/ peeling vegetables- it’ll help keep your worktop neat and also save time for you.

Use the right kitchen accessories

This is so important. For instance, when you’re stirring milk for dessert or cooking up a curry, you know you will be reusing your cooking spoon/ measuring spoon over again. Have a holder for the purpose so you can place it neatly without messing your cook top or worktop. A word about your cleaning tools on the same line- instead of having a dozen cleaning tools and hunting all over the kitchen for the right one at the right time, come down to the bare essentials and then stack them neatly into a drawer under your sink or an over-the-cabinet door rack.

Does some maintenance work on them every month?

Regular cleaning eases your kitchen cleaning workload incredibly. Once a month is a good time to take stock of what kitchen accessories need cleaning- for example you may need to remove burnt-on stains from your knives or remove rust spots from your stainless steel pots and pans, get them shiny or oil your wooden cutting board or even wooden spoons.

Tip for cleaning your stainless steel appliances- Use baby oil or olive oil to remove smudges and fingerprints that collect on your stainless steel utensils or appliances to get them shining again.

Always keep a bottle filled with soap water handy

This is another simple yet very useful tip. Having a dispenser of soap water ready makes it easy to clean dirty spots or mess on your worktop or say, the doors of your kitchen cabinets as you cook.

Keep your countertops clutter free

Alright- you want your kitchen to look as beautiful as any other corner of your home- but overcrowding your countertops with too many pretty things could be a bad idea. Keep your countertops as clutter-free as you can to create an inviting environment and help you keep them clean and organized.

Clean your sink after washing the dishes

Master the art of how to keep your kitchen sink clean. Kitchen sinks have an uncanny ability to gather grime and grease if not cared for properly. To avoid this, once your dishes are done, clean off your sink immediately using maybe, a disinfectant liquid cleaner like basil soap. This will help keep your kitchen sink clean, hygienic and smelling good all the time.

Pay attention to your kitchen garbage cans

Nobody like trash overflowing and spilling out of garbage cans and recycle bins. Make sure they’re large enough when you get them, so they serve the purpose rather than adding to the mess around.

Keep your microwave clean

Use a damp sponge or rag to clean your microwave. First let it sit in the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes as you heat it up. Let the steam from it loosen the dirt on the walls, and the n use it to easily wipe off the dirt.

Try green cleaning your kitchen

Your kitchen has plenty of stuff to help you clean- use baking soda, vinegar and lemons to keep your kitchen sparkling instead of overcrowding your drawers with too many cleaning tools. Always steam clean the sticky mess.

Substitute dish rags for paper towels

Keep several dish rags inside a drawer and use them to clean your kitchen counters and clear up worktop mess rather than using loads of paper towels and tissue. And then learn the art of how to keep your kitchen cloths clean. A wash every week in some warm soapy water is enough; just toss your dish rags in as well- this will reduce a lot of mess that comes from careless use of paper towels.

Maintaining a neat and clean kitchen should not be a humongous task anymore if you follow these tips to keep your kitchen clean.

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