How to have a good sleep in summer

We all know the essence of sound and perfect sleep for health. But not all have the bliss of falling asleep peacefully and if it is summer then the problems are more to get sound sleep due to heavy temperature and intense sweating which causes irritation. Apart from these two even the environment is fully loaded with humidity. But here are few tips for better sleep in summer. Follow them you will get sound sleep.

Silk fabric can easily hamper your sleep. Though silk bed sheets look tremendously gorgeous they are not good ones to be used in summer. So better stay away from them. Not only bed sheets and bed accessories even your clothing should not have silk.

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Prefer cotton clothes and a cotton bed sheet in summer is the best better sleeping tips. Prefer light colored cotton sheets to be spread on the bed.

It is better to have less clothing in summer if you wish to have peaceful sleep.

As far as night dresses are concerned use t-shirts, light colored shirts and pants. Amongst all, shorts will be the best.

Using cotton clothing has more benefits they ventilate well and so you sweat less and even if you sweat they will absorb the sweat easily.

If you are not that rich enough to have AC in your home you can as well make one using a table fan. Simply place a bowl of cold water or ice cubes before the table fan. This way you can bring down the room temperature and have some coolness.

The more you stuff liquid food into the body the better it is. Keep depending more on fresh juices, buttermilk and also coconut water.

Don’t forget water you may forego anything but not drinking water. Keeping the body hydrated is always important to get peaceful sleep. Prefer cold water but this should not lessen the amount of water you take. If you awake at night during sleeps prefer drinking cold water. Cold water according to studies is known to assist in getting quicker sleep.

See to that there is less lighting. The bulbs turned on can also increase the room temperature. So it is better to turn off all the lights excluding bed light.

As soon as you get up the next day don’t forget to exercise. Exercising will strain the body and this will lead to tiredness which in turn will give peaceful sleep.

Eat more of dairy products and also banana. These two can easily make you sleep better.

Stay away from stress and anxiety, especially switch off the brain before one hour you hit the bed and stay peaceful. This is one of the tips to sleep longer.

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