How to give life and shine to cane furniture

Cane furniture is not only cheap but is also durable and so has become the favorite of many. Though it has these benefits it has its own setbacks as it is a very sensitive case to maintain them. Any negligence can easily make the life of cane furniture lesser. So it is always better if you have an idea of how to take care of cane furniture. Not only knowing you should as well implement it with utmost care and on time to give life to your furniture. Here are few cane furniture tips you can take them from us. Following them will make your cane furniture look anew always.

•    The first tip which many pay deaf ear knowingly is they don’t take time out for cleaning cane furniture, for using sandpaper before using soap water to clean. Doing so will only tarnish the coating and damage the cane. This will again create new problem instead of shining the furniture.

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•    Follow this simple procedure to clean cane furniture: rub with sandpaper, use a vacuum cleaner and finally wash with soap water. This simple process will show you the difference.

•    If you wish to use water on furniture use only damp cloth or sponge. Even these should be strained well so that only less dampness is present in them that is good enough to clean the dust. Don’t add water directly as cane is sensitive to water.

•    Stains when left as such remain permanently on anything and so cane furniture is no different to this universal logic.  Any time lapse between the stain mark and cleansing of it can easily make it a permanent mark on furniture.

•    The other mandate rule to follow is not to sit on damp furniture. If you sit chances are high that the bamboo may get extended and lose its stiffness and so the chances of breakage are also high.

•    When the furniture gets spider webs use a brush dipped in a soap water and rub to clean it. Soon after cleaning allow the furniture to dry. Don’t directly expose to sunlight to dry the furniture.

•    Never ever allow the furniture to expose to neither sun nor rain as both will weaken them. This particular furniture is more sensitive to water and sun in comparison to any other kind of furniture.

•    By any chance if the furniture gets cracks or is broken immediately start repairing it. Cane furniture repairs are thorough when the damaged part is rubbed with fine sand paper and wax applied on it. This way you can avoid further damage.

•    If you wish to color the cane furniture. First coat with a single layer, allow it to dry properly and once you are sure it has dried well, coat a second layer.

Follow these wicker furniture care tips and you will have better life for your cane furniture.

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