How to fry food for health

The topic of this article may seem quite odd but believe me it is going to be quite helpful. Especially for those who love to eat fried food but considering the health risks involved are afraid to do so. There is cholesterol, high amount of calories and impacts on digestion which is involved with it.

But while all may seem bad, the truth is far from it. Fried food is not as bad as is being propagated. Infact, sometimes fried food does have health benefits too. It has been found that when food is deep fried then the antioxidants of the food remain intact. This sure is beneficial for the body besides the fact that fried food is tastier and goes down well with almost everyone.

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However, its risks cannot be ignored too. People with diabetes and heart ailments are advised to stay away from fried food because it greatly decreases their lifespan. Also, too much of oil in the human system reduces the metabolic rate and makes one feel more lethargic.

How then can anyone enjoy fried food? How can one enjoy those French fries and snacks without the guilt feeling associated with it? Wait! There are proven ways that reduce the risks and some of them are:

Avoid reusing of oil:

One of the main things that should be avoided with the fried food is the reusing of oil. Any oil which when used for the purpose of frying releases oxidants that are harmful for body. More number of times it is used for frying more is the level of oxidants. So, when going for frying of food it is best to use it judiciously.

Type of oil is important:

While all kinds of oils have been treated as bad for health, it is not so. There are some kinds of oils that are beneficial too. Use olive oil or mustard oil instead of unclarified or clarified fat and see the difference. Also, new kinds of refined oils have been developed which are absorbed lesser. Peanut oil and rice bran oil are some of the oils in this category.

Right temperature is the key:

Remember the time when your mother used to say that oil should be heated to optimum temperature for better frying. It is true that heated oil is less absorbed and that not only saves on the quantity of oil being used but also decides as to how much of it goes to our tummies.

Batter is also important:

When going in for fried stuff, making proper batter also helps in reducing the use of oil. Batters that are made from all purpose flour or rice flour have been found to reduce the absorption of oil. Innovative ideas like the use of soya in batter would increase the nutritional value by increasing the amount of protein in food.

Use soaking paper after frying:

Once you are done with frying, putting the food item of oil soaking paper greatly removes excess oil from them. Once that is done, the unnecessary fat intake is reduced.

By following these steps it is possible to enjoy your favorite snack at home. So, go ahead and indulge in them.

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