How to first aid sports and normal injuries at home

To get injured in one situation or the other is common for all of us. You may get injured while doing some house chore, driving, playing or due to some unexpected incidents such as accidents. Whatever the severity of the injury is, it is always best to take some precautions and carry on some kind of first aid as soon as you hit an injury so that the injury does not turn severe and make things worse for you. Here are few first aid tips for injuries, be it of a serious kind or minor kind.

What to do as soon as you are injured?

Many of us take the things lightly and do not care to treat injuries as soon as we meet them. It is better you stop this leniency and follow these first aid injuries and treatment.

1) The first thing many of us do in haste and panic when we come across some accident is stretching and pulling of the body parts that met with accident or trying to mess up the things by touching and prickling them. This should not be done. If the injury is small, instead of touching and cleaning with hand, use water or disinfectant and apply some first aid ointment. If the injury is too serious rush to a hospital if you can or seek help of someone.

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2) Generally any injury has pain but few injuries also have swelling and higher pain levels. If you come across severe injuries press the injured area with a cloth dipped in cold water.

3) Use crepe bandage to lessen swelling as a primary precaution to evade further swelling.

4) You can as well use pain killers for time being if the pain is uncontrollable.

5) Visit the doctor as soon as possible.

How to avoid sports injuries?

1) Many of the sports persons and regular exercise doers don’t take proper precautions. There are many precautions to avoid sports injuries which should be followed beginning with diet to outfit then alone sports injuries can be avoided. Putting on correct shoes is also very important.

2) One easy way of getting muscle injuries and strains is not taking care of liquid levels in the body. The reason behind this is simple, low liquid levels in the body strain the muscles and make them vulnerable to external force and injuries.  Though many of us know this fact we give a deaf ear.  It is better you don’t pay a deaf ear to get good health and healthy muscles.

3) When the body becomes weak it is more prone to sports injuries. The one way to keep the body fit is to refill the body with calories spent by taking correct food. Consult a nutritionist and know what foods to eat soon after workouts.

4) It is always best to carry on activities under able trainer.

5) When the body feels some trouble or gets affected by some kind of sudden pain, stop exercising and playing immediately.

Follow these precautions to avoid sports injuries.

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