How to eat fruits the right way for complete health

Next to millets and pulses fruits have high effect on human health. Eating these gives good health naturally. Fruits have minerals, vitamins, fiber and also carbohydrates. The human body needs all these without fail for proper working. According to nutritionists, the daily food we take should consist of nearly 20 to 25 percent of fruits. Here, in this article let us see how to eat fruits in a proper way so that you can reap health benefits effectively from them.

One thing to keep in mind is by mere eating of fruits one doesn’t go healthy. There is right time to eat fruits and in the correct quantity, then alone you can reap the health benefits associated with eating them. Also, one should definitely eat seasonal fruits as they are available only for a particular period of time and also have high health value. Avoid fruits cultivated using artificial means such as pesticides and other fertilizers. These artificial things are mostly used on fruits such as apple and grapes, so be careful and prefer organic variety. Not only with these two fruits it is always in the interest of mankind that people should prefer organic fruits.

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Many of the people have the habit of snacking some junk food, in its place prefer fresh fruits, they are not only healthy but are also tasty and instant energy giving. Prefer to eat varied fruits each evening around 4 to 5 Pm. Prefer fruits such as pomegranate and banana. In case you have obesity and are suffering from sugar, eat guava, orange, and papaya. These are less in sugar and also help in digestion due to fiber present in them.

People suffering from obesity can also eat fruits such as mango, custard apple, sapodilla, or pomelo. Eat these fruits around 5 to 6 in the evening and forego supper at night. Doing so, will help you in weight reduction. Rest of the people who are not suffering from overweight can eat any kind of fruit between 4 to 5pm in the evening. Even dates are highly energetic and useful; they can be consumed at any time around 4 to 10 in the night.

In case you don’t like eating fruits, at least try to take them in juice form. All in all, it is good to eat fruits that taste sweet and make juices from those fruits that taste sour. Doing so will save the teeth from enamel loss. Never do the mistake of adding sugar to juices, prefer to drink them as they are, in case you can’t do, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey and drink.

Many people also add milk to juices even this is wrong, in fact, milk takes minimum two hours to get digested. So it is better to avoid milk in juices.

These, in general, are the things to follow while you take fruits. Follow the above mentioned best time to eat fruits without fail or else your money and time will go in vain.

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