How to do up your kid’s bedroom

Decorating your children’s bedroom can be a challenge, because kids outgrow their whims and fantasies quite fast. The car-shaped bed may no longer fascinate your child a few years down the line and the jungle-painted walls may seem kiddish as he outgrows his tween years. So it’s important to make sensible investment in practical furniture that’s high quality and can stand the ravages of time!

Also, being creative doesn’t mean spending big bucks on getting the most fashionable décor- You could turn the most everyday articles into the most extraordinary pieces of art. Ultimately you need to create a space that’s aesthetically appealing, functional and safe.

Here are a few children’s bedroom decorating ideas:

Let your child pour out his personality onto his room

It’s his space. Let him choose some of the colors or furnishings. Find out what his hobbies are. If your child loves painting, you could have an innovative display board. If he likes basketball, how about a net on the wall? That way, your kid will enjoy being in their private spaces, and may even take that extra effort to keep it tidy.

Invest intelligently in kids’ bedroom furniture

Kids’ bedroom sets look good- but not after you’re a seventeen-year old something. And if you’ve been considering twin beds, here’s some foresight- your kids will outgrow them in some time, and you will have no other option but to replace them. Why not invest in a good quality full-sized bed right away? You can zing it up with age-appropriate sheets or soft toys, as time demands! Row beds are also an interesting option to explore.

Consider a good kids’ bedroom storage system

As your child grows, his possessions grow too- from toy cars to story books, the room must accommodate everything. Modular furniture is thus the best choice. You could have cabinets, book cases, built in shelves, display cabinets, closets so there’s plenty of space to fit in/display all the stuff they’d want to. If there’s anything that needs your monitoring, like clay, paint, thermocol balls etc., you could make provisions for a couple of drawers that can be locked.

Choose the correct materials for furnishings

Kid’s room furnishings must withstand a lot of rough use- either opt for sturdy material like oak or choose foam, that’s colorful, easy to clean and won’t hurt your kids.

Choose the right shades

Instead of going for themed walls, it is a more prudent idea to paint the walls in solid colors, in a shade that’s your child’s favorite. You can then add texture, posters, wall stickers or other children’s bedroom accessories like a display board, a white board or framed art to bring in more life. Don’t forget to throw in a cute, tiny garbage bin. Have a uniform color scheme across walls, cabinets and shelves to get a more pulled together look.

Ensure safety

Standard paints and carpeting release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that may cause respiratory hazards for kids like asthma, allergies etc. Take care to use zero or low VOC paints in your kids’ rooms. As far as carpeting is concerned, shop eco friendly brands or go for natural fabrics like wool or hemp.

Engage your kids

Have them hang up a line of their most precious artwork or birthday greetings or make a collage of pictures starring best friends, pets or family. Or have them fill a glass jar that could make a nice children’s bedroom lamp or just sort out the unnecessary stuff to de-clutter the room!

Don’t spend a bomb on kid’s bedroom decor

Don’t blow big bucks over children’s bedroom art. It won’t be long before they fizz out. Use your own (or your kid’s!) creative ideas to turn the most ordinary things into extraordinary pieces of art and invest in good lighting, beds and storage instead.

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