How to do spa treatments at home

Spa treatments regulate the body and give it a new lease of life. But not everyone has time for spa treatments due to busy life and restricted income. Then how do you get the effect of spa at lesser time and easier budget. Here are some easy at home spa treatments, which you can do easily in less time and less budget. The following are the answers for your how to make homemade spa treatments?

Aroma therapy:

As we all know the essential oils used in aromatherapy give relief from stress apart from reducing some types of infections. One can get the effect of aromatherapy at home by choosing any of your favorite essential oils like vanilla or chamomile, sea salt, baking soda, Epsom salt,

How to do aromatherapy at home?

To do aromatherapy at home, take one part of sea salt and Epsom salt and 2 parts of baking soda. Add all of them in bathtub and mix well in water till they get completely dissolved. Soon after this add any of the essential oil of your preference to the bathtub and get relaxed till your senses feel satiated.

Papaya spa:

Papaya is one fruit that instantly gives glow to the skin. The enzymes present in them give instant shine to skin. It even has bleaching effect. All you need to do papaya spa treatment is one papaya fruit, hot water for steaming, a big towel and moisturizers.

 How to do papaya spa treatment at home?

Take half papaya fruit pulp, boil the water till it starts steaming up and add this half fruit pulp in steaming water. Wash the face neatly and start exposing the face to water steams by covering a towel over your head and face. Keep the face exposed to hot water steams for nearly 5 to 8 minutes. In between keep stirring the water using a spoon. Give a small gap and apply the other half papaya pulp to face, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and clean the face using water. Once cleansing is over apply a suitable moisturizer.


The things needed to do spa manicure at home include nail paint remover, cuticle oil, cuticle pusher, nail colors, and moisturizers.

How to do manicure at home?

Remove nail polish from nails and wash the hands and legs in lukewarm water. Remove the dead skin present in the surrounding areas of nails using a scrubber. Pat hands and legs dry in case they are wet, then cut the nails in desired shape. Once the nails are cut clean the hands and legs with warm water. Apply cuticle oil to nails followed by adjusting the area near the nails using cuticle pusher. Once all these are done apply moisturizer and color the nails using your favorite shade.

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