How to deal with sunstroke

As summer sets in a new kind of problem sets in known as sunstroke which at times can lead to death if left unattended at the proper time. Environmental changes and increased industrialization have changed the effects of the sun on humans and also on earth. Increased intensity of the sun has lead to increased heat and with this the number of people suffering from sunstroke has also increased. Here let us see all the details we need to know regarding sunstroke so that we are safe from the adverse effects it brings on our health.

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What is sunstroke?

Sunstroke is a situation where the human body experiences health problems due to too much exposure to sun’s rays or to say it in other way when the water levels in the body are lesser than the required amount then it is sunstroke.

Symptoms of sunstroke:

•    Mild headache

•    Dryness of throat

•    Giddiness

•    Fatigue

•    Less urination (yellow color)

These, in general, are symptoms of sunstroke.

Causes of sunstroke:

•    Too much heat

•    Spending long hours under sun

•    Excessive sweating

•    Excessive physical activities

•    Motions

•    Vomiting

•    Too much alcohol intake

Apart from these at times fever, uncontrollable diabetes, injuries on skin, skin infections and also lack of proper fluid intake can also lead to sunstroke.

Diagnosing sunstroke:

When you have these below-mentioned things then you can take it to be sunstroke.

•    Dryness of skin

•    Persistent thirst

•    Constipation

Along with them, the above-mentioned symptoms of sunstroke also indicate that you are suffering from sunstroke.

Precautions to take with sunstroke:

As soon as you sense sunstroke the following precautions should be taken.

•    Remove additional clothing or if possible remove total clothes on the body.

•    Wrap the body in a cold cloth.

•    Allow the patient to stay under a fan or in an AC room.

•    Drink more water in lesser quantities.

•    Prefer to drink water that has electrolytes.

•    Never do the mistake of placing ice cubes or ice water on the body of the patient.

•    Even after following all the above tips if there is no change in the condition rush the patient to hospital to seek doctor’s intervention.

•    In case babies are affected with sunstroke give them ORS water.

Side effects of sunstroke:

•    When there is less amount of water than required in the body the body undergoes imbalances of electrolyte levels.

•    In extreme cases, brain damage and kidney failures can also be noticed.

•    Death is also one extreme condition that takes place.

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