How to color the eyes in blue shade

One way to have sexy and dazzling eyes is to use BLUE color on them. During 80’s and 90’s having blue eyes had been a trend. As the saying goes….’’fashion repeats itself,’’ is also true for blue eyes. Now the latest trend in eye makeup is shading in blue color. The market is flooded with beauty products such as pop blue mascara and electric blue liners to make the blue eye makeup easy. Here are few materials that make blue eye makeup easy for you…..

Blue eye shadow:

Do you wish to give the eyes a romantic touch with radiance then use blue eye shadow?  Taint the upper eyelid using black eyeliner and coat the top of it with blue eye shadow. To highlight the blue eyeliner, take every care that you don’t overdo with black shade. Now coming to the lower eyelid area avoid black eyeliner and just shade the area with blue shade.

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Shiny eyelids:

Do you wish to have eyes as shown in fairy tales then dab both the upper and lower eyelashes with blue color. Brush the upper eyelid with shiny blue eyelash and see to that it sinks with overall makeup. Use the same blue color to lower eyelash also but in lesser quantity. This kind of eye shading perfectly suits with light face makeup foundation.

Blue under eyelash:

All you need to get your dreamy blue eyes is to shade the lower eyelashes with light black eyeliner and highlight the area below the lower eyelashes with blue shade using electric blue eyeliner. Blush the cheeks with light shade and also use mild lip color to get highlighted effect.

Mascara and coal:

Do you wish to highlight the makeup of eyes and eyelids with huge makeup then use coal and mascara. Cover the skin on the upper eyelid with blue shade and blacken the tips of eyelids and eyelashes using coal. Then blush the both colors using eye brush and finally touchup with mascara. This kind of eye makeup suits for those who wish to give bold look.

Classic blue beauty:

We always give the eyelids wing shape using black eyeliner instead use blue eyeliner and see the effect. Once blue eyeliner is used dab the eyelashes with black shade. When you sport this makeup on eyes lipsticks won’t do so use lip gloss, this will highlight the blue shade and give you special attraction.

Pretty blue flutters:

One can get even blue mascaras; use it on lower and upper eyelashes to give them blue shade. Doing so will give dazzling and flattering looks to eyes. One care to be taken is not to use eyeliner.

These are all the easy ways to give your eyes blue shade that dazzlingly looks beautiful.

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