How to choose carpets for different rooms

Carpets give extra looks to the floor and add beauty to home in general. There are different carpets types available and so choosing the perfect one can be a difficult task that is why we are giving you different types of carpets for you to choose from….

Woven carpets:

These are actually woven on handlooms and so might be costly but still prefer them for their extraordinary colours and designs. They are woven with utmost care by the weavers. Their life is long apart from having eye catching designs. They have the capacity to withstand weather odds. They are the best type of carpets for living rooms due to their craft and style. It is always better to place this type of curtains in middle of the living room rather than placing them before the entrance. One can as well place these types of curtains at one of the corners of the living room and arrange furniture on them.

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Textured carpet:

These type of carpets best suit for bedrooms and are also easily available and less in cost. These types of carpets are mostly made on machines.

FlatWeave carpet:

These carpet types are made by two types of weaving: tapestry and plain weaves. These have solid grip and so they go well for decorating staircases.

Sisal carpet:

They are made either with synthetic or cotton threads. These depict like artificial grass. They give good feel to foot. They can be spread on walking ways in your loans. They are also easy to clean and so can be used in kids rooms.

Hooked carpet:

They are totally handloom made. These kinds of carpets not only look good to eyes but are also cushiony. The thread is dragged to the upper layer of the cushion for soft and cushiony feeling. They fit well for drawing and living rooms.

Flush carpets:

The threads in this kind of carpets are cut to some extent; generally the threads come over the surface of the carpet. They are cosy and soft. They can be used in bedrooms to give the bedrooms a brighter and attracting view. The speciality of these carpets is that they go hallow in shape when foot is placed.

Saxony carpets:

These carpets are made with soft and curly threads. They are easy to clean and so they can be used in children rooms, family rooms and also in places where people roam more often.

Whatever the carpet style you choose one basic rule to keep in mind is that they should sink with the floor and also the colour of the walls. Prefer correct design, length and colour or else the whole strains you have taken to choose different types of carpets will go in vain.

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