How to choose a power bank charger that runs long

Power Banks are something like oxygen to batteries. If you consider battery to be the main component of mobile then you should consider power bank as the main component of the battery. The importance of power bank has become vital due to increased mobile usage. We don’t know when our phones go dead. So it is always better if you have power bank with you always. But you should know how to buy a power bank then alone you can get worth for the money you have spent and also make use of it. Here are few points to consider while choosing power bank.

Don’t compromise on quality falling prey for lower price. Prefer high-quality power bank. Any compromise in quality will literally nullify the whole essence of buying a power bank.

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Before hitting out to market to purchase power bank know your battery capacity and also the battery type. Normally there are two types of batteries: lithium-ion and lithium polymer. The later one is the latest entrant and though costly it has more efficiency in comparison to lithium-ion batteries. Whatever the type of the battery it is, its energy efficiency is measured in milliampere hour (mAh). So you should first know your battery’s mAh and then choose a power bank according to it.

Say for instance if you have Samsung galaxy S3, its battery mAh is 2100 mAh. Now basing on this, you should choose a power bank that has double or triple the capacity of 2100mAh. Choosing a battery higher in mAh than your battery will allow you to charge your battery for two or three times easily in emergencies. All you need is to fully charge the power bank always.

The next thing that you should consider to capacity is USB port. Prefer a power bank that has more than one USB or port. After all, the main use of power bank is to get the gadgets charged in emergencies. So prefer such one that has more than one port, this will allow you to charge multiple gadgets in emergencies.

The last but not the least point to consider while buying a power bank are these three features:

Overvoltage Protection (OVP).

Overcharge Protection (OCP).

Over Temperature Protection (OTP).

The battery should be in a position to withstand all the above three situations, over voltage, overcharging and also over temperature. It should not burst out due to any of the 3 reasons then alone it is safe and standard power bank.

So the next time when you hit a gadget store keep all these things in mind and opt for a power bank without pondering on how to choose a power bank.

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