How to be good in workplace communication skills

Communication is life and without effective communication we are nothing. We need to be good at communication for smooth sailing of both personal and professional life. Let us see the tips to improve communication skills in the workplace so that we have better career growth.

Be a good listener:

Effective and attentive listening comes first if you wish to have effective and sound communication. Be a good listener to be a good communicator. Good listening not only makes you a good speaker but will also help you in analyzing the things more easily and more effectively. Listening enhances the capacity to think clearly, and if you can think clearly you can communicate effectively. Being good at listening will make half of your communication done. It is the easiest way of improving communication skills in the workplace.

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Accurate and prompt written communication:

In this fast paced world of dealing things you also need to be good at writing skills. A perfect written communication skill has an untold importance in this tough corporate world. Most of the messages, these days are passed through written form. So you should be well equipped with how to write and communicate the things that you wish to share with others.  You should be aware of all the ways of written communication beginning with drafting emails to messaging text.

Telephone Etiquettes:

Telephone as we know is an indispensable thing for communication and unfortunately many of us don’t have correct telephone etiquettes. Either we ignore calls altogether or cut a call abruptly which are both bad telephone manners. It is of vital importance to know how to use a telephone and also how to be effective at communicating using it. Remember these days’ even interviews are being conducted on phones and so if you are not good at communicating using it then your chances of rejection are more. Keep this vital fact in mind and develop telephone conversation skills effectively. Be patient, be effective and be clear in your voice so that the other person at the other end gets clearly what you are saying.

Ask when in doubt:

You get nothing by blindly nodding your head as a sign of saying you have received what had been communicated. This tendency of yours can be most fatal to you. Pretending to have understood what had been said to you is actually nothing but killing yourself. Just don’t nod for each and everything, in case you haven’t got what is said ask for it again. Ask the communicator to come again. There is nothing wrong with asking for a second time or for more times till you get what is being said. It is wrong only when you bluntly nod for each and everything without even understanding the core concept.

The other most important thing while communicating is your body language. Be confident…strike an eye to eye contact. Follow these effective workplace communication tips for unending growth.

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