How good are tea and coffee good for health….

It is ‘’coffee and tea time’’…we would have heard this many times in our life time. They have become part and parcel of life, a substitute for fun and enthusiasm and unavoidable part of diet. But are they really good for health? Do we need them every day? Is drinking them really needed? Let us see now all the facts related to tea and coffee.

What actually do tea and coffee contain?

Each cup of coffee contains 150 milligrams of caffeine; one of the bad effects of coffee drinking is that body will start depending on it as days pass by. On the other hand one cup of tea contains 150 milligrams of theine. These caffeine and theine are actually a kind of substances used in treating problems associated with muscles and blood vessels. They are commonly used to enhance the functioning of them when they get sluggish. So by taking any of the two you are consuming 150 milligrams of either caffeine or theine. So imagine the effect of drinking coffee or tea regularly. It means you are injected the body with the chemicals used for treating muscle problems.

Effects of drinking coffee and tea regularly on the body:

Due to the effect of caffeine and theine the nervous system of the body gets influenced and starts working at increased pace. The effect of them will be present for at least 2 to 3 hours. Soon after two to three hours the nervous system and the body again starts to crave for these two substances, which in no time will become an addiction to the body. So by drinking tea and coffee we are indirectly making the body depend on them otherwise which would have worked on its own. One of the main side effects of drinking tea is you will fall prey to lack of sleep in the long run.

Loss of drinking coffee and tea:

Apart from weakening the body, coffee and tea will also reduce the effectiveness of digestive system. Slowly the appetite levels come down as these two substances act on goblet cells that are responsible for secretion of mucus in the digestive system. We need this mucus to protect the digestive tract from ulcers and other infections.

The digestive enzymes will also be lessened due to frequent drinking of teas and coffees. They also cast their negative effect on kidneys too. The frequent drinking of coffee and tea in the long run will lead to excessive urination as these two chemicals will act adrenal glands.

Not only are the above losses but with the constant addiction to coffee and tea the body will also lose its natural defensive mechanism. More importantly the mind will start depending more on them to work.

Find some alternatives to them:

Prefer to drink more water in place of teas and coffees as water keeps the body hydrated. Drink lemon water as it has more immunity boosters. Even coconut water and sugarcane juice are also best options.

Having known the disadvantages of drinking coffee and tea, now it is your choice whether you will avoid them completely or partially.

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