How effectively are you treating pimples?

Pimples are nightmares for beauty, but many faces around the world have pimples for many reasons. This problem can be seen more in teenagers and fighting pimples is not so easy as they tend to recur again and again since the causes of pimples are quite good in number. One best and natural way to fight pimples naturally is to stop believing the myths and start knowing the real facts of them, here we go with the pimple myths and contrasting facts against those myths that you should believe.

Myth: Washing face as many times as possible will reduce pimples.

Fact: Washing face more times in a day will in fact not do anything destructive for pimples. Instead washing face many times will remove the important oils from the facial skin that are needed to keep the skin supple and soft. This will make the face look dry and dull. So it is better you restrict the face wash to 2 or maximum 3 times a day.

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Myth: Pimples will lessen with age.

Fact: This is partial fact, of course after crossing the teenage, pimples will become less due to hormonal changes but this does not mean it will completely save you from pimples. Even after crossing teenage chances are high that your face may go wrong with pimples. The way you lead your life, your food habits and other factors will play a key role after teenage. The detoxification of the skin is also lessened after a certain age so you should effect changes to that extent to ward off pimples.

Myth: Scrubbing wards off excessive oil production.

Fact: This myth is mostly believed by those who have oily skin. They believe scrubbing the face two to three times in a week will stop excessive sebum production and remove the excessive sebum if present. This is just myth which you should stop believing as the fact is, the more you scrub your face the more it gets damaged and the chances get enhanced for pimples onset.

Myth: Using costly cosmetics is good to fight pimples.

Fact: Many are under this impression that using branded and costly products will keep the skin away from many problems and is also the best pimple treatment. This is just another blind belief which you should stop trusting as you are causing a problem to your skin and also your purse.

Myth: Dry skin people should drink more water.

Fact: This is also just myth. Not only dry skinned people, everyone should not drink excessive water. Water should neither be taken less nor more. Sufficient water should be taken to keep skin problems along with pimples away. Excessive consumption of water will cause other problems instead drink correct amount of water to remove toxins from the body. This will give the glow to face. Remember only glow and nothing else.

These are the myths which you should straight away stop believing so that you save the face from pimples and get a beautiful face. Hope you also got some interesting facts about pimples.

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