How effective your face cleaning tips are

No matter, however, attractive you are if you don’t know how to cleanse face then your attractiveness can be undone. Improper face cleansing can lead to accumulation of all the unwanted things on your face and this alone is enough to bring down your face value. So you should know proper ways to clean your face so that your face shines like a star in the crowd. Here we go with effective ways to clean face.

1) The easiest natural face cleaning tips at home to follow is to dab a cotton ball in milk. Milk should be raw, even heated milk will also do, but for effective results use raw milk.  Use this milk dipped cotton on face and neck. Cleanse them in circular motions. Soon after cleaning with cotton dab use cold water to cleanse neck and face. Doing so will effectively clean the skin pores and the face will look amazingly clean and fresh.

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2) The best natural scrubber from the nature is lemon. Use it rigorously; don’t do the mistake of spending on costly artificial scrubbers. It is more effective than any branded scrubber present in the market. Use lemon slice on face or apply few drops of lemon juice and scrub the face. Soon after scrubbing, clean the face and apply the paste made by mixing Bengal gram flour and water on the face. Rub this paste gently for a while and clean the face cleanly. This way you can open the pores and remove the accumulated dirt.

3) Cucumber slices too are good to cleanse the face. Rub them on nose, face and neck and wash after 25 minutes.

4) Mix green gram flour or rice powder to a teaspoon of yogurt. Apply this paste on face and scrub. Clean after a while with cold water and see the magic.

5) One of the easy tips for face makeup is to rub the face with an ice cube before going for a makeup. When you rub the face with ice cubes the skin pores get closed and so the makeup doesn’t enter the pores and the chances of piling up of toxic chemicals are less.

6) Applying buttermilk before applying foundation will also save the skin pores. Leave the thing as such for 15 minutes and wipe off with a cotton ball and finally apply makeup.

7) The easy way to remove oil from the face is to place an apple slice on face and wash off after 15 minutes.

Follow all these easy face washing tips and make your face glow.

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