How effective is your crash diet program

Everyone wishes to be slim and fit. But not all are blessed with it. There might be many reasons for overweight and misshape. Irrespective of the reasons for overweight, overweight and misshape not only bring many health problems but will also give bad appearance and at times people feel insecure due to this. People start doing several things which include dieting, exercising and so on to lose weight and gain perfect shape. The latest method these days to slim down and cut extra calories is-Crash diet. As in any method even this type of plan also has its pros and cons. It will be effective only when it is done with proper methods. Any deviance from this will lead to side effects. Let us see what actually crash diet is and how it should be followed. Below are crash diet tips for weight loss.

Different types of crash diet plans:

  1. Taking fresh fruits and vegetables for three days.
  2. Taking fresh fruits, vegetables along with proteins for one week.
  3. Using cabbage juice as part of diet plan.
  4. Taking orange juice as part of diet plan.
  5. Consuming high protein diet.
  6. Following Atkins diet.
  7. Taking supplement tablets.

These are only a few to name and the list may go on.

Why people go for crash diet?

Reasons are varied. Some wish to maintain shape, some wish to lose weight, some wish to follow it for pure health reasons; the reasons vary from person to person. Whatever the underlying reason the base reason is to ‘LOSE WEIGHT.’

How to do crash diet?

Doing crash diet is not an easy thing; there will be rules and regulations to be stuck to. Any mistake done during the course will lead to many serious side effects. So, one should know all the rules before beginning the course. Usually crash diet does not have required levels of vitamins, minerals and proteins and this will force the person to rely on multivitamin supplements, iron and calcium supplements. It is also very common to lose some water and minerals during the period, to compensate this loss fruit juices without adding sugar should be taken more often. Skimmed buttermilk and coconut water too are good substitutes. The body’s muscles too are affected due to this diet and tend to lose mass, in order to cope up this situation proper amounts of proteins should be taken. 0.75 grams of protein per day should be taken each day without fail to keep the health of muscles. Eggs, non-vegetarian and nuts should be taken to get protein. One more important thing to do is to eat less amount of food spread for four times in a day; doing so will keep the sugar levels normal in the body.

All the above said things should be followed to get maximum benefits from crash diet.

What to do post-crash diet?

There are chances to increase in weight in no time if no measures are taken after achieving weight loss. To save from this situation follow the same diet for 3 months, so that you don’t put on weight again.

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