How effective are you screening the skin from sun rays

One of the most needed beauty product for all of us is sunscreen. It is not only a beauty product but is also a product for health. Though many of us use it in summer and see it as a beauty product it is not so. It is a product that can be used in any season and is also a product to protect the health of the skin.

When this holds such importance you should know the basics of it and also how to use it in proper way. This is the reason the article is here. It will brief you on all the ways and means of putting this product into maximum use.

SPF is really a minute factor:

Though many are under the impression that SPF plays a major role in protecting the skin from sun actually it is not so. The increase in the SPF percentage does not have any direct relation with stopping of sun rays. Either using a sunscreen lotion with SPF 15-30 percentage or using a sunscreen lotion with 90-100 percentages literally has no real difference.  By using a cream with SPF 15, you are protecting the skin from 93 % of sun rays and by using a cream with 30 SPF you are obstructing 97 percent of sun rays. When you use a sunscreen lotion with 50 SPF you are obstructing 98 % of sun’s rays.

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With the above statistics, you can easily understand that SPF really does not have much to do for the skin except for the fact that it is a marketing strategy applied by manufacturers.

As per dermatologists, if a cream has SPF 26 then it is more than enough to protect the skin from sun’s negative effects. Saying this, we will leave it to you on what you need to buy. Actually not only the sunscreen lotions have SPF even many of the cosmetic products such as lip balms, face creams and also winter care products do have it in some quantity. Even this should be considered before buying or even applying it.

Tips to use sunscreen lotion:

•    The first and foremost tip is to first check the body parts that are frequently exposed to sun and apply more on these parts. In general the face and hands will be exposed more so concentrate on these.

•    Even the neck is exposed more. Apply correct amount of it both on front and back of the neck.

•    As said above you also need to apply it in every season for health reasons.

When to apply sunscreen?

The one thumb rule to apply sunscreen lotion is to apply before 15 minutes you go out. The body needs minimum 15 minutes to absorb the lotion.  Also do remember no sunscreen will work for more than 3 hours. So you need to apply it for every 3 hours.

Follow all these and you will effectively kick off sun’s effects on the skin.

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