How do you fight weak teeth….

Lot many dentists across the globe are complaining that there is a rise in the number of patients visiting them due to weak teeth. This problem has become more these days in comparison to other dental problems. There are many causes for weak teeth. We shall not focus on those, but we shall definitely know the loose teeth remedies and get strong teeth naturally.

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  • The one easy way to tighten loose teeth naturally is to brush daily. All of us know this, but many of us don’t follow this. Brushing twice is in fact getting total oral care. By brushing twice you not only get stronger teeth but also many of the oral problems can be put at bay.
  • One of the biggest causes for weak tooth is improper eating habits. Lot many have the habit of eating either eating too chilled food items followed by hot items or too many hot foods followed by too much chill food items. This pattern of eating is extremely dangerous. It will not make the teeth sensitive but will also remove the enamel from teeth.
  • Many of us love chocolates, but they are bad on teeth and cause tooth decay. They should be taken in moderation. One more you need to follow soon after eating chocolate is to clean the mouth with some mouthwash or swirl the mouth thoroughly with water.
  • When was the last time you changed your toothbrush? Don’t remember then change it immediately.  Many have the habit of using the same brush for months which will easily give you weak teeth. According to dentists, brush should be changed for every two months. Apart from this, the brush kind should suit your teeth type. Every mouth is structured differently and so every mouth needs different toothbrush. Prefer mild bristled brush rather than harder or too smoother one.
  • As far as diet for strong teeth is concerned prefer foods that are rich in calcium. As the teeth needs calcium to be strong. Eat fruits rich in calcium as they will give healthy teeth and health in a single go.
  • Use Neem stem to brush teeth every now and then. This has been the toothbrush for Indians since ages. Using it will remove the bacterium that causes weakness of teeth. It will also make the teeth whiter.
  • One more easy way to get strong teeth is to eat food items that are harder to break. Eating such foods will make the teeth strong.
  • We all know apple is the biggest asset to health but unfortunately not with teeth. Eating apples leads to plaque formation, according to dentists. So instead of eating it in fruit kind, take it in juice form. This will save the teeth and also you need not lose on the benefits you get through apple.

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