House cleaning tips to make your home tidier in less time

Is home clean? Is it really hygienic? Are all the rooms including your bathrooms clean? We have to think twice before saying ‘’YES.’’ Coz home cleanliness is no child play and so needs more time and also more patience. Here are few tips for you to organize and clean up your homes within less time and also more effectively. Make your homes enviably neat and clean.

The first simple tip for a clean home is less furniture. The lesser the furniture you have in your home the more neat it will be. More furniture attracts more dust. Less furniture attracts less dust. So, what do you want, more furniture and more dust or vice versa? Let your home shelter only mandate things.

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The bedroom is the place we all spend most but sadly it is the most untidy part in any home as per many reports. Might be the reason is, it is more private and so people pay deaf ear for its cleanliness. But why not make it tidier and more romantic? After all, it is the breeding ground for life and love. Keep it cleaner; don’t throw away clothes and other things recklessly on beds. Keep the bedroom curtains neat. Also your bed sheets and blankets should be washed 2 times in a month if you wish sweet sleep.

Now the turn comes for the kitchen, next in competition to a bedroom as an uncleanly place is a kitchen. Once check for yourself your sink and see how many used utensils are lying there untouched and unwashed. Take some time out, no matter, however, busy you are. After all, your entire busy schedule is just to have tidy food and how can one expect to have clean food with unclean kitchen. Brush off all the dust from the cupboards and also your store room.

We spend most time during the day in living rooms and so to see them untidy is a bit natural. Just follow one simple tip of dusting the sofas and other living room items with clean dusting cloth every night before you sleep. See to that the coffee tables in it are wiped with a wet cloth to remove any stains. Don’t straight away enter the room with your footwear which you use outdoors. If you do so you are inviting more dust than needed.

The bathroom is the place where cleanliness and hygiene should begin from but is it eligible enough for that? Can you really begin your hygiene program from there? The answer is a straight no. The first tip for overall bathroom hygiene is to see to that it is dry soon after your wash. This way you are removing all the contagious diseases.

Follow these easy house cleaning tips and your homes will be clean and you will live in healthy surroundings.

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