Homeopathy cures hypothyroidism to the root

Thyroid problems are the result of hormonal imbalances. As per recent studies in USA alone nearly 20 million people are suffering from some kind of thyroid problem. Generally women suffer more from thyroid than men and also the number of people suffering from hypothyroidism is relatively more in relation to another kind of thyroid problems. Here let us see all the vital information needed to understand hypothyroid in a better way.

Main functions of thyroid gland:

•    The main function of this gland is to make and release thyroid hormones in the body.

•    It maintains different metabolic activities in the body.

•    Thyroid hormones are needed to burn fat in the body.

•    The hormones are also needed for the growth of the bones and also to have good height.

•    It is also needed for proper development of the embryo.

•    It helps in proper nerve development in the brain of the children.

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Signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism:

•    Sudden increase in weight.

•    Swelling near the neck region. This can be noticed more in women than in men when they are affected by one or other kind of thyroid problem.

•    Feeling drowsy even with a good amount of sleep.

•    Getting tired soon.

•    Dryness of skin.

•    Hair fall.

•    Sleeping too much.

•    Muscle pain.

•    Sore throat.

•    Inability to withstand cold temperatures.

•    Forgetting things too often.

•    Decreased performance of the brain.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism in women:

•    Swelling of the thyroid gland.

•    Obesity.

•    Too much sleeping.

•    Fatigue.

•    Memory loss.

•    Heavy bleeding or less bleeding during periods.

•    Irregular periods.

•    Lack of interest.

•    Mental imbalance.

•    Fertility problems.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism in men:

•    Increase in weight gradually.

•    Hair fall.

•    Sex problems.

•    Depression.

•    Fertility issues.

•    Higher cholesterol levels.

•    Increased blood pressure.

•    Fatty liver.

Diagnosis of hypothyroidism:

Tests such as TSH blood test, T3 and T4 tests should be done. TPO antibodies or Microsomal antibodies should also be done. Ultrasound tests and FNAC test should be done to know the swelling of the thyroid gland and also the reasons behind the swelling.

Homeopathy remedies for thyroid:

The main cause of hypothyroidism is autoimmunity, which means our immunity system will attack the thyroid gland and this will lead to this state. The reasons such as increased stress, anxiety, unexpected incidents in life and depression lead to autoimmunity. As far as treating hypothyroidism in homeopathy is concerned, the patient’s physical and mental conditions are noticed and treated accordingly. The problems that arise due to hypothyroidism such as infertility, psoriasis, constipation, depression and cholesterol can be cured completely with this treatment process.

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