Home- made scrubs for that perfect skin

Remember how grandma’s recipe for having that perfect skin was made with the help of some easily found ingredients found in kitchen and garden. The truth is that these home-made scrubs are really good in finding that glowing skin which is soft and full of luster. Also, they are healthy to our pocket as they are made with the help of cheaply found ingredients and cost much less than the high priced commercial counterparts. What makes them even a better option is that they do not have harmful chemicals and their impacts are longer lasting without causing skin issues. Here are some of the home-made scrubs that can be easily made, stored. Do try a few of them:

Sugar and oil scrub: This is the most basic of all the scrubs, but the results are good. There are only two things that are needed: brown sugar or white sugar and oil. The oil could be of your choice, could be coconut or olive or any other one. Sugar and oil should be mixed in a ratio of 2:1 and then applied. Easy isn’t it.

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Raw crystallized honey: Want more natural and simple version, and then go for raw crystallized honey. Just take some and apply wherever you have chapped skin, on your lips or elbows or anywhere. And see how this natural wonder works wonders for your skin.

Baking soda and coconut oil: Are you a DIY fan, then baking soda is a well-known ingredient you must have used. It is very beneficial for dealing with various skin issues. But baking soda causes the skin to become dry. Right? Yes and that is why use a good amount of coconut oil to nullify that effect.

Green tea, sugar, and honey: After you have had your daily dose of green tea don’t throw away that rinse. It works as a good face scrub. Just mix it with brown sugar and honey and see that glowing skin you have been longing for.

Besan, milk and turmeric: Besan is also known as chickpea flour, milk, and turmeric; a combination of these three have been used for ages in India as a scrub. Use it daily before going in for bath and they would not only provide a lustrous skin but would also help in prevention of number of skin issues.

Scrubs made from fruit skin: After having walnuts and oranges, keep the peels with you. Mix them and crush them coarsely, what comes out is a good scrub. It helps in removing dead skin and can be used twice a week for better results. Try mixing some neem leaves as well for adding that antibacterial effect.

Strawberry scrub for fair complexion: If you want fair complexion then strawberries are a good option. Take the fruit and mix it with 2:1 sugar and oil mixture. Apply and see a skin that is as fair as a baby’s skin and as glowing and as soft as baby skin. It is best suited to use this scrub during winter months as the skin at that time tends to become dry and dark.

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