Home is tidy only with a clean kitchen and clean carpets

Keeping the home clean is an art but unfortunately we need to clean it each day without fail. One of the easiest ways to keep your homes clean and tidy is to clean kitchen and carpets. Here are few tips to clean them and also to keep your home tidy for a longer time.

Tips to clean kitchen:

1) The dirtiest part of the kitchen is a stove and so it needs regular cleaning to keep it clean. All the oil and other foods that spill on it should be cleaned as soon as that or else the strains will become tougher to be removed in the later hours.

2) The sink is the next untidiest part. It is also breeding ground for many of the bacteria and germs as it is damp. The effective way to clean sink is to first use soap water. Followed by it, use vinegar that has hydrogen peroxide.

3) If your kitchen has steel sink then use few drops of mineral oil. This way you can drain the water from the sink easily. The sink will have less water in it and so it is tidier.

4) All the glass kitchen wares are more prone to get dust and strains. The effective way is to sprinkle some water first and then use a dry cloth to clean them. You can as well use paper also to wipe. To give a shine to them use glass cleaning material present in the market. But before using it see if they have any kind of poison content in them or not.

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Tips to clean carpets:

1) As soon as you feel that carpet is accumulated with dust, without any delay begin cleaning it or else you will fall prey to dust allergies.

2) Use vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets. This is the effective way of cleaning things.

3) When anything that is good enough to cause stains on a carpet spills, without any delay, clean them off. If you be lenient and allow them to stay as such then the chances are that they will remain permanent.

4) Keep mats near the main entrance this way you can easily save your carpets from getting more dusty and rusty.

5) Don’t do the mistake of using detergents and shampoos on carpets. Use separate material specially designed to wash them. Many of the products are available in the market, which are specifically designed to clean them.

6) Steam cleaning is also another best way to clean the carpets. The two precautions you should take with this cleaning method is, the carpet should not be wet and you should brush it before steam cleaning.

7) Before using any acid to remove the strains. First test and know its efficacy.

Follow the above simple kitchen and carpet cleaning tips and you can easily do away the dusty side of your sweet homes.

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