Historical things to see at Canadian war museum

Canada might be a small country in terms of size, but it is not so in terms of attracting tourist every year. There are many places which will take your breath in that small country and one such place is ‘’CANADA WAR MUSEUM.’’ This museum is no similar to all museums you find across the globe. It has a historical significance and also much information to share regarding two world wars. Here we go with facts related to the war museum.

1) The museum is house to many of the weapons such as tankers, bullets, vehicles and also other war stuff used during the first and second world wars.

2) It even is the showcase of Canada’s initial days of military progress to the present latest war equipments used by them.

3) One can see the dresses, equipment such as guns used by the soldiers in the both world wars.

Photo Credit: www.ottawamuseums.com

4) There are many military types of equipment such as planes, copters, tankers, jet rockets and also submarines that will take your breath off.

5) This museum was started in 1942.

6) At present, it is present in LeBreton building near the coasts of Ottawa river. It has been shifted to this present place in 2005.

7) The new building has also got many marvelous statues.

8) A soldier statue is erected in the memorial hall of the museum as a replica for the soldiers who had lost their lives in First World War.

9) Every year on November 11th at 11 am the sun rays fall on the head of the erected statue in the memorial hall.

10) All the war related things such as photos and journals will be kept for display.

11) Many shows will be conducted in this museum that will depict the chivalry, dedication and veracity of Canadian soldiers.

Military research center:

There are many things that are stored in this museum that relate to two world wars. The stored military things are documents photos, original letters, scrapbooks, maps, blueprints, records, cassettes and log books. There are more than 90000 things that belong to black and white photographs, negatives and film reels.

Hartland Molson library collection:

In this collection, all the things related to war coverage such as news clippings, papers, pamphlets, biographies and regimental history volumes are stored. Rare books related to war are also stored here.

So next time, when you are in Canada, don’t forget to go here where you can see what war can do to us.

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