Higher your chances to flirt a girl online

The days are of cyber-love. Love buds on internet and either ends with marriage or may not end in reality. Anyways keeping this aside let us see what are the rules to be followed while you try to flirt a girl online.

Keep the things simple: 

How to be flirty online? The best way would be to be simple. When you have decided to flirt the lady of your life online the base rule to follow is to keep the things sweet, simple and thought provoking. Be simple in response be honest in the way you answer. The girl doesn’t know you really well and what personality you have. So it is better you follow honesty as your best policy. Especially when you are flirting a girl whom you have never met in lifetime then try to be as simple and honest as possible this will make the things easier for you and keep your chances of winning her heart alive. One more rule: don’t look like you are desperate for her.

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Humor is a must:

Who doesn’t like humor in this world? And if it is a woman they love it even more. They always like men who have a sense of wit and humor. Be more enthusiastic and add a sense of humor to your conversations. After all the only way you can show your talking abilities is through chats, so make maximum use of this medium to flirt her with your witty conversations.

Be polite:

Whether you flirt online or offline women always wish to see civilized behavior and well-groomed manners. The more you well behave with your conversations the more you will have time to date her. Don’t be in a hurry and turn off the tides soon. Remember you are flirting a girl and girls are more introverts than boys. So don’t go in a haste and land up in a no-girl-zone. Also see carefully your online profiles; any vulgarity sensed can easily become a hurdle permanently.

Don’t always be online or don’t always be offline:

Only dumb asses will do this. If your green button always flickers on then it says you have no serious business to do in life, which ultimately is a big NO for any girl on earth. The same holds true if you are always offline after initiating a chat and suddenly disappear into no man’s land. It only means either you have used the time for time pass or have no real interest to take the relation ahead. So, it’s now up to you, where to take the things and place the things.

Try to seek suggestions:

Women always would love to be asked for suggestions. This is where you can turn the tide towards your end. Ask her some suggestions; let it be online shopping or some other issue. They will always feel excited and this will make things easier for you and she will slowly but steadily start taking you seriously.

Now you got your answers on how to flirt over the internet. So follow them and try your chances. These also apply when you try flirting a guy.

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