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Smartphones in every hand but unfortunately not every hand that has smartphone knows how to make the most of these smart gadgets in a smart way. The reason behind this is simple: the phone doesn’t have smart apps that make the phone smart. One can call it a smartphone only when it has some smart apps that make your life easy and work smarter. Here are few cool smartphone apps that really make your smartphone a smarter device


This app is the best app for noting down notes and we can rightly call it as your digital memory. Using this app one can jot down the notes related to work, study or for that matter anything. The notes such jotted down can be edited in any device.

Microsoft Office:

If there is one app that should not lose its place in smartphones is Microsoft Office. One need not need third party apps to convert Microsoft documents. One can edit the documents using Microsoft iOS and android versions. This means one can access word file and also edit. Using this app PowerPoint and Excel can also be accessed.


This app is related to photo editing. It makes easier to crop and edit the taken photos. Cropping, rotating and adjusting the size of the photos become easier with snap seed. It comes with seven different filters. One can give a complete new look to photos using this app. This app can be downloaded freely.


This app needs no explanation and to many, phone has no usage value without this app. It’s the best text messaging app. Though almost all phones provide the option of sending messages and pictures,  using WhatsApp is entirely different.  It is a full featured messaging app that can be used to send more content in a single time. It can also be used to send stickers and share location. One can as well create groups with your friends. If you are busy all you need to keep WhatsApp at a distance is to just mute the conversations.

Dark Sky:

This app is exclusive to iOS and is an app that can forecast weather conditions for you. It has simple design and can predict the climate certainly. It gives you the data regarding humidity, rain and also can predict when it may rain. So this makes sense for sure.


This is an exclusive app for android devices. It helps you in tracking the data you use. It will help in setting limits to data usage. Whatever the device you are using be it smartphone, tablet or laptop having FoxFi helps you in using the data in limits. So install it to save the data from being overused.

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