Herbal remedies to increase sperm count naturally

As we know one gun-shot reason for infertility is insufficient sperm count. Less sperm count is the result of lot many factors which can be reversed with some natural remedies. The following are the natural ways to increase sperm count.

Maca Root:

Black variety or Maca root is known to assist in improving sperm production as well as motility. This is a well known fertility herb to help rectify the imbalances of hormones.  Take nearly one to three tsp of this herb daily two times in two equal doses for some months. It can be taken by adding to one glass of smoothie or water or it can as well be sprinkled on some snacks and taken. This herb is also high in fiber, so you are not only increasing sperm count but also increasing digestion.


According to a pilot study conducted in 2013 the root extract of Ashwaganda can considerably enhance sperm count and motility along with increasing semen volume. It even assists in production of healthy testosterone. Ashwaganda even improves the overall health in general, reduces anxiety and stress and also increases vitality.  Drink one glass of lukewarm milk by adding half teaspoon of Ashwaganda powder. Ashwaganda is even called Indian ginseng. For better results drink twice each day extended for few months.  The other option can also be to take this herb root extract, but consult the expert to know the exact dose.

Panax Ginseng:

This herb is popularly called as Korean ginseng and is a popular herb in conventional Chinese medication to assist the body to combat stress. Korean ginseng can as well be used to enhance testosterone apart from sperm motility and count to increase male fertility. It can as well enhance erectile performance. The suitable dosage is one to three capsules (500 mg) daily spread for nearly 3 months. But be sure to consult the doctor before beginning to take this capsule.


It is the nature’s best aphrodisiac and enhances production of sperm. It has allicin, a type of compound that increases the stamina of the sperm along with improving circulation of blood. In addition to this garlic has selenium, a mineral that helps in enhancing sperm motility.  Just add one to two pounded garlic cloves to your routine menu.

Tribulus terrestris:

It is a well known remedy in Ayurveda to increase the sperm count along with improving its quality. It is widely used, since it has the propriety of enhancing the hormone levels. According to a study in 2012 conducted in India this herb was highly successful in curing less sperm count. Take nearly one to three capsules of Tribulus terrestris (500mg) each day for at least few months. But take the advice of the doctor.

Saw Palmetto:

This is generally used to treat prostate problems but it can as well be used to cure low sperm count. It is even good at curing erectile dysfunction. Take this herb to increase sperm count but on the advice of the doctor.

We have given you tips to increase sperm count with the help of natural herbs so that you don’t fall prey to artificial medicines.

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