Healthy substitutes that add taste to dishes

We add different spices such as chili powder, salt, oil, sweeteners to foods to give them a taste. There is no wrong in wishing to make the culinary taste good, but it is wrong only when added spices bring ill health to us. What to do? Its’ simple use these alternatives in place of normally used spice items and add taste to the foods you make. Her are few substitutes for the regular items that we use for different types of tastes.

Alternatives for sour:

People mostly make use of tamarind and its juice to give a sour taste to food. In its place use tamarind leaves, tomato, Indian gooseberry, and unripe mango. Even using citrus fruits such as lemon is also a best way to give the sour taste to the foods and health to the body. Adding these items will not only give a sour taste but will also save us from adding salt to the food items.

Chili powder substitutes:

Using chili powder and red chilies though might give taste and color to the food they do not add any health benefits to the body. In the place of them use green chilies. They not only give the same taste as red chilies but are also good for health. Using pepper in place of all these chili items is the simplest and healthier way that also gives a taste.

Natural substitutes for sugar:

Using the sugar to give a sweet taste to food, in fact, causes ill health. Though jaggery is a bit healthier in comparison to sugar both are equally bad for good health. Use honey wherever you need to add sugar and date syrup in place of jaggery.

Natural alternatives to salt:

Salt, in fact, is one spice that is not to be added to any kind of food items, the reason is simple because all the edibles have salt in them by nature. Name any food item, irrespective of their natural taste all the food items such as vegetables, fruits, dairy products and even sweet tasting foods also have salt in them. So adding salt again specially is not needed. In fact by adding salt you are inviting many health problems. So try to avoid salt in culinary to the maximum.

Healthy alternatives to ghee: 

Ghee without any saying adds taste to the foods but only at the cost of health, so keep ghee at bay to the maximum, in case you can’t stay away from the taste that you derive from ghee then prefer yogurt and milk in place of them. Don’t be surprised, you heard it right, whatever ghee can do for the foods, both the above said dairy products too will do the same.

Alternatives for oil in cooking:

Oil is one item most of the foods are made with, in fact not most but all the foods have oil in them either directly or indirectly. Too much oil usage can be hard on health, instead use substitutes that have oil in them such as groundnuts, sesame seeds and so on. Pound them and store in tins and use them wherever oil is needed to be used.

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