Healthy nails: a beauty essential guide

First impression is considered to be a long lasting one. No wonder then that we spend a lot of time and money in keeping ourselves look beautiful and attraction. But beauty is never in the face alone and the whole demeanor of a person almost always goes from tip to toe. Why then one should not keep the nails looking healthy and glamorous. After all, they have their own roles cut out when it comes to appearances. And in many cases they do bear a long lasting image building property when it comes to anyone look appealing. Here are some of the essential health and beauty tips that should be kept in mind while looking after one’s nails.

Healthy diet: As much as like any other part of human body, nails also depend on a healthy and balanced diet to be healthy and nourished. A good amount of calcium and phosphorus are an added benefit. But, if you still believe that something else would help you then try biotin. For those who do not have very strong nails, biotin can be quite helpful in maintain strength and vigor of nails.

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Keep the cuticles: Cuticles have been provided as a protective cover at the end. But in many manicures they are either removed completely or are pushed behind. Avoid doing that. Instead, keep them moisturized so that your nails appear healthy and glowing. And if there is any kind of infection then get it checked and cured fast.

Trim and file those nails: It is always easier to maintain healthy nails that are trimmed properly. While on one hand it removes the risks of breaking your nails on the other it always keeps you with any kind of new fashion. Trimming them regularly but not too harshly is the way to go.

Keep them natural: Nail polishes are not harmful if applied with proper gaps in between. Avoid using acrylic nails since the chemicals used are harmful to natural nails. Then again, not going for very harsh manicures and keeping them simple whenever going for one, would also help your nails. No matter what you do, natural is beautiful and try marinating them.

Wear gloves: Gloves provide protection to your hand and nails. Wear them while cleaning clothes, dishes or almost anything that require hard chemicals to come in contact with your nails. These chemicals take away the protective layer and the luster in addition to making the nails vulnerable to infections.

Use nail brush for cleaning: Using brushes instead of sharp cleaning tools help keep the nails clean and also save them unnecessary exposure to infections. Digging too much into the nails is anyway not a good idea, avoid it completely.

Look out for infections: Red, swollen and painful nails are a sign of infection. Keeping a tab on these would help you avoid a lot of pain and medication in the long run. Unfortunately, if you do get infections then see the doctors as soon as possible and follow the precautions strictly.

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