Healthy cooking tips not to ignore

It is not enough if you know which foods are healthy for you. You should even know how to cook them in proper manner. So that the vitamins and minerals present in them are not lost. Not all foods should be cooked in the same way as different foods need different means of cooking methods. Here we go with healthy cooking tips and techniques for different types of foods so that you become healthy and also to get total goodness from them.

•    All kinds of vegetables have some or the other kind of nutrients and vitamins in them. In order to protect these, you should cook them either in a pressure cooker or by enclosing a lid over the bowl in which you are cooking.

•    If you are aged between 25 and 30 then you should see to that you don’t use more oil for cooking, be it for either veggies or non-veggies. As per nutritionists’ not more than 30 grams of oil should be used per day. If you can bring down the quantity even more, it is much better.

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•    Whatever vegetable you are cooking, add some kind of green leafy vegetables to it, doing so will multiply the nutrient value of the vegetable. Cooking so is not only good for health but is particularly good for skin.

•    Salt should be kept to the minimum while cooking, both for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. As per studies all the edibles have salt in them naturally and so adding salt is not at all necessary. You can add a little if you wish to give it a taste or else salt can be avoided completely for all kinds of foods.

•    We know green leafy vegetables have all the essential nutrients and minerals needed by the body. But, you can get those only when you add less oil to them while cooking. Use oil as less as possible either for boiling or frying them. Don’t keep them on a stove for more minutes as they need less amount of time to get cooked.

•    When cooking rice, use either pressure cooker or current cooker. So, that you don’t lose the nutrient value in them. Also don’t pour more water to boil. Add correct amounts of water to boil rice. Never do the mistake of adding oil or salt while cooking rice. Doing so, will devoid the vitamin B present in rice

•    Before cooking vegetables or eating fruits place them in salt water for 5 minutes and again clean them with fresh water. This way you can remove all the toxins accumulated in them.

•    Adding vegetables and green leafy veggies to non-vegetarian food items is always a best way to cook them.

•    The cooked food should never be heated more than once. Heating more than once will just remove all the nutrients and minerals present in them.

Follow these healthy cooking ideas tips and reap all the nutrients in them.

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