Healthy and spicy recipes with banana

Banana is the best fruit available to us. It is rich in nutritional values and also gives us instant energy. Not only these two benefits, banana can even taste good on the tongue. Here we go with the recipes with banana.

Banana curry:

1) Ingredients needed:

•    Two tablespoons of cumin seeds powder

•    1 cup Bengal gram powder

•    6 bananas

•    ½ spoon Chili powder

•    1 teaspoon of Coriander seeds powder

•    1 teaspoon Spice powder

•    ½ cup of dry coconut grate

•    Required amount of salt

•    3 spoons of tamarind sauce

•    1 tomato

•    1/4th cup of water

•    1 spoon of cumin seeds

•    2 tablespoons of oil

•    1 big onion

•    ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder

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Preparation method:

•    Take Bengal gram powder in a cup and add cumin seeds powder, coriander seeds powder, chili powder, turmeric powder and required amounts of salt. Mix them well.

•    Add coconut to it and mix well.

•    Drop tamarind sauce to it.

•    Finally add water and oil in required amounts and mix well to make pasty kind.

•    Cut each banana into 4 parts.

•    When you cut see that the shape of the cut bananas is good enough to stuff the gravy.

•    Once you have stuffed the gravy keep the bananas aside.

•    Now take oil in a pan and heat. Once the oil gets heated fry cumin seeds.

•    Cut the tomato into pieces and add required amount of salt and add it to oil.

•    Now add gravy stuffed banana pieces and boil them well by adding a little amount of water.

That’s it, your curry is ready for bellyful eating.

2) Banana stir fry:

Ingredients needed:

•    4 unripe bananas

•    ½ piece of dry coconut

•    2 onions

•    2 tablespoons of oil

•    1 spoon of black gram

•    1 spoon mustard seeds

•    4 chilies

•    Required amount of salt

•    Required amount of turmeric powder

•    Pinch of asafetida powder

Preparation method:

•    Cut bananas into pieces.

•    Slice the onions into small pieces.

•    Crush the coconut.

•    Take oil in a saucepan and heat oil.

•    Once the oil is heated, add mustard seeds and asafetida powder.

•    Next add black gram.

•    Once all these are fried to some extent add turmeric powder, onions, and chilies.

•    Fry them for some more time.

•    Now add banana pieces, salt and add a little amount of water.

•    Boil for some time on low flames.

•    After a while, add coconut powder and that’s it is ready.

These two are really tasty and also good for health due to the ingredients used in the making process.

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