Healthy and slimming food diet for perfect shape

Are you in search of best sliming foods list then its time you include these below slimming foods to lower your weight and shape your bodies?


Taking an apple daily not only keeps the doctor away but will also keep off the fats in the body. This fruit makes up a perfect snack as it is high in water and fiber; both are highly anti-fat in nature. A medium sized apple has nearly 85 % of water and 5 gm of soluble fiber. Apple not only slim us but also saves us from cancer as it has quercetin, a kind of flavonoid that is sweet and effective in fighting cancer. Prefer organic apples to get many benefits.


They are a good source to protein that may keep you full and as such you eat less. According to recently published studies, taking two eggs in the breakfast leads to lessened consumption in the following 24 hours. People who had two eggs consumed surplus of 400 calories lesser in the day. The study has depicted that consuming eggs leads to increased satiety and so it gives fuller feeling for longer time. They are also high in omega 3 fatty acids much needed by the body.


Loosing weight becomes easier with the consumption of non-starchy veggies like cauliflower. Cauliflower has cancer-combating phytonutrients sulforaphane along with high amounts vitamin C and folate that are handy in losing weight. Studies say we need C vitamin in large quantities to bring down weight so one way to get it is by eating cauliflower that is high in vitamin C.

Low-fat Yogurt:

Yogurt till recently was believed a cause for weight enhancement but the latest study conducted by the University of Tennessee has noticed that people who ate 3 yogurt servings each day lost double the amount of weight than those who went without yogurt. Calcium along with many other bioactive substances present in dairy foods lowers the procedure of fat production and increases the pace of fat burning, more importantly near the belly region.


Might be you paid deaf ear to what many researches said: eating breakfast lowers the fat. And when you take oatmeal as your breakfast you are doubling the chances of lowering on fats by double.


Though we know walnuts and almonds as the nuts that lessen the fat and increase the metabolism, the grace of peanuts should not be underestimated. Peanut eaters ended up consuming less amounts of food and so are more efficient in maintaining the weight. Prefer single servings to munch them.


Fish comes first to vegetables and oatmeal as far as satiety department is considered. As per an Australian study a steamed white fish like cod or halibut ranked the top among 38 most filling foods. Another study also said that when people have fish in lunch they eat 11 percent lesser during supper. It takes place because the protein present in fish induces one to eat lesser calories.

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